Steve Lamson's New Team for 2004

Steve Lamson gets ready for 2004 with a new team and a new attitude. "Things happen for a reason," Steve observes, recalling the last couple years of his racing career. "I've had some good times, and made fine money, but I'm ready to step it up now. I didn't have the confidence in my equipment to know that I could go the distance. I'm going to change all that now."Steve Lamson knows what it is like to win. He held the 125 National Champion crowns in 1995 and 1996. In 1996 Steve earned an unusual distinction at the Motocross Des Nations, in Jerez Spain; Steve is the only rider to ever win the overall moto on a 125, battling against 250s and 500s. Also, Lammy is 3rd on the list of all time 125 winners, only lead by Ricky Charmichael and Mark Barnett.The last couple of years have been a real life adventure for Steve Lamson. He's had huge deals offered, only to have them taken away. Then he's had great money, but equipment that just wasn't performing. Now he has a new team and a new attitude.Russ Rohrer for Dirt Rider: How is the planning going as you get your own team ready for your assault next year?Steve Lamson: Great, I'm assembling my sponsors now, and it's all coming together beautifully. I'm in a Honda Support program that gives me freedom to create some other deals as well. I'll be maintaining my relationship with Escondido Cycle Center (ECC). I am sponsored by / Honda, Worx Connection, Torco Oil, Hansen's Monster athletic drink, Dunlop, Renthal, Fun Mover from Village RV. I also have a 31 foot Fun Mover from Village RV. They hooked me up really well, and got me a great deal. My friend Tony Henderson is going to drive to the races for me. I'm putting water tanks on right now, and getting it ready.DR: It's great to hear that your sponsorships and your team are coming together. How do expect to place next year?SL: "I hope to place in the top five, I really want to get my foot back in."DR: How much had you ridden the CRF250 before you decided to race them next year?SL: You know, honestly I decided to do my own team, before I got a commitment from Honda. I was going to get a Honda from anywhere I could. Now I have a deal from Honda for support, and I'm really happy about that.DR: There are some fast opponents out there. Who do you see as your top competitors?SL: Yes, there are. I would have to say, Laninovich, Millsaps, Jesseman, Sellards, and of course Stewart if he's in there. Some of the top guys from last year might not be in the class next year, so I'm not sure who exactly I'll be battling.DR: What are you doing to train?SL: I run and eat right, but really I want to get seat time. I'm going to race a lot of races, even if they are not nationals, just to keep racing.DR: How was Prairie City last weekend?SL: That was a fun race to win. It was a two hour race, and I think I won by about 17 minutes. I was riding a Honda CRF450.DR: What was the development time with Husqvarna and Eraldo Ferrecci like?SL: Oh, Eraldo Ferrecci and I got along great. He is really easy to work with and easy going.DR: Do the Europeans keep there technology really close to the vest, and private?SL: Yes, Ferrecci didn't want to work with anybody outside his team on the Husqvarna, because he didn't want anybody to see what he was doing. He does so much of his own stuff in development with road racing and some other stuff. Sometimes, I do think it's better to venture out and see what other people are doing.