New Product: OTG Concepts Hitch Covers

OTG Concepts MX-Hitch covers are built of 6061 machined aluminum with working suspension, plastic fenders and are available in all manufacturer colors including a black version with a paddle tire optional on all colors. Personalize your MX-Hitch cover by using the number sticker kit or with one of our miniature logo kits. This is a quality product, not your typical cookie cutter plastic hitch cover that everyone and their brother has, there are no imitations, this is the original. Built by a rider for the riders. The MX-Hitch cover retails for $69.95, number kits $6.95 (includes two of each number), miniature logo kits $9.95, paddle tires $10.95 and locks to keep this bad boy on your rig $19.95. Fits most all two-inch receiver hitches. Money orders and credit cards accepted.To order call Airborne Bike Shop at (909) 783-1900 or contact us at