The Elsinore Grand Prix is here again.

It's not too late to register online for this Classic event...GFI Racing brings us another year of The Elsinore Grand Prix, November 8 and 9, 2003. Racers come from all over the country, and even from across the oceans, to become part of history and take part in this must-do event. The course is about seven miles long, made up of about a mile and a half of pavement through town, and the rest is on the trails of the local mountains. Speeds on the course can reach as high as 80 miles an hour briefly on some straights. Some of the highlights on the course for spectators are the 90 foot table top, a difficult water crossing, and high speeds through a sleepy downtown shopping area.There are three ways to participate in this event. The first option, which really isn't racing at all, is to ride the Unclassified event Saturday morning. This time period is designed to let everybody get aquatinted with the course outside of the actual races. Some people use this "event" as their introduction into racing. Since it is not a high stress race, riders can get used to being on trails with other riders, yet ride at their own pace. Just a reminder though, riders in this Unclassified event do not receive a finisher's pin, nor a plaque for finishing in the top 30%. Instead of just riding around and not racing, Dirt Rider encourages everyone to enter a class they feel is appropriate for them, do their best, and go for the checkered flag finish. This is a better way to really feel like you have accomplished something.The second type of racing is a "Classified" event. Riders are classified by ability, size of bike, and/or age. The Classified events begin with 50cc bikes and go all the way up to Senior. Quads, and Dual-Sport bikes also get there turn to throw some rocks and burn out there tires on the pavement of Lake Elsinore. All riders that complete the event to the checkered flag will receive a "Finisher's Pin", and the top 30% in each class take home a commemorative plaque.Thirdly, you can ride in the main Grand Prix event on Sunday afternoon which is called the "Harvey Mushman". Steve McQueen used that name as an alias when he entered the race back in the '60s. Since McQueen is credited with really putting this race on the map, the promoters thought it a fitting tribute to name the Grand Prix portion of the event after the legendary actor. The "Harvey Mushman" Pro Purse Race is 100 miles long, and is the only race to require a pit stop. All checkered flag finishers get a finisher's pin, and the top 30% receive a commemorative plaque. If you are a racer, get to the link below as soon as possible for online registration. If you are a spectator, come and cheer on the racers. This is a fantastic event to support and be apart of a legend. Visit vendor row too and support the companies that make this possible. There is plenty of free spectator room all around the track for the races starting at 7am on Saturday until 4, and on Sunday from 8 in the morning until 3pm. The Harvey Mushman is Sunday at 1pm, and goes until about 3pm.For more information visit the link below for registration and detailed info about the races. 2003 GFI Elsinore Grand Prix Information