Your favorite magazine has teamed up with the Outdoor Life Network to create an all-new television show called Dirt Rider Adventures. We're sorry about the delay in posting the schedule, but it just got finalized this past week. Molly Culver, who was on V.I.P. with Pamela Anderson, will join Ken Faught on two-wheel adventures around the world.The show will debut September 25th at 10pm on the East and West coasts, and everywhere in between. The first show will include a Canadian adventure with Eight-time National Enduro Champion Dick Burleson in which our crew straps a 2004 KTM 450 E/XC to the side of a Beaver floatplane. The first episode also ventures to Arizona where we join Steve Hatch's Extreme Arizona on a two-day ride that was open to the public.For the second show, which airs October 2, we took supercross phenom Jeremy McGrath to the Great American Hillclimb Chammpionship in Billings, Montana, signed him up in four classes and borrowed an extended Honda CR500R and a 218-horsepower 2500cc Harley-Davidson the bikes from Team Peterson for him to ride. McGrath managed three top-10 finishes, including a second in the Montana state championship. This show includes some of the wildest action you've ever seen on two wheels, including a 650cc nitro-burning Yamaha cartwheeling 250 feet down the hill.We also plan to cover our 125 and 250cc motocross shootouts, and of course our famous Dirt Rider 24-Hour Off-Road Torture Test this coming February. The half-hour show will run in the "OLN Moto Block"and we'll update you on upcoming stories right here at dirtrider.com. You can find the new information by clicking on the Dirt Rider Adventures logo located in the navigation bar. The section will also include more detailed information on the two "Pro Tips" that are included in each episode.