Metzeler Launches A DOT Approved Motocross Tire

Metzeler MC 360 Mid-Soft and Mid-Hard

Can you really have motocross tire performance in a DOT, street legal tire?

Yep, you read that right. Metzeler’s all new MC 360 Tires are both DOT approved, meaning completely legal to use on the street, while also being designed for use as a full performance motocross tire with a 16.5mm tread depth. Doug Schopinsky of Metzeler stopped by the Dirt Rider shop to show us the new tires, both the Mid-Soft and Mid-Hard tread pattern. According to Doug, a lot of the other DOT full knobbie tires on the market use very hard, plastic-like compounds to pass the strict, high speed test that allows a tire to be street legal. Yet the MC 360s have a unique proprietary construction that allows them to use a more pliable, normal dirt tire compound. Check out this video explaining the MC 360 in both soft and hard tread patterns.