Jeremy Fappani (2) redeeming his day 1 results, a 10th place finish, with the win on Day 2 in the 65cc 10-11 class.Photo by Jessica Rankin
Kade Johnson (177) with a consistent week in Mammoth in the 65 7-9 class. On Wednesday, he was on the Podium again with a 3rd place finish in the main.Photo by Jessica Rankin
Day 2 brought better results for Enzo Timmerman who finished 4th on Tuesday, bringing home the big bear on Wednesday in the 65 7-9 class.Photo by Jessica Rankin
Cobra backed Austin Camden went 2-3 for 1st overall on the day, also giving him a big golden bear.Photo by Jessica Rankin
After a flawless day on Tuesday, sweeping 85cc 9-12, Mini Sr 1 (12-13), and Mini Sr 2 (9-14) classes, Jett Reynolds (79) had mechanical problems early on in the day and some more problems resulting in a DNF in the Mini Sr 2 main. He stilled pulled off the wins in both the Mini Sr 1 and 85cc 9-12.Photo by Jessica Rankin
Brock Bennett (211) was off to a great start to the day aboard his Chaparral Bar X Suzuki with a heat race win in 85cc 9-12, 2nd place heat finish in Mini Sr 1 and 6th in his heat in Mini Sr 2. A DNF in the 85 9-12 main resulted ended his race day.Photo by Jessica Rankin
Coming into Mammoth 2017, Jeremy Ryan (10) had the red plate, King of the West title, in both Supermini 1 and Supermini 2. On Day 1 of racing he had mechanical problems and a crash with his best result being a 12th in Supermini 1 and he DNF and DNS the first and second moto of Supermini 2. On Day 2, Jeremy was able to show everyone that he came to Mammoth to run in the top finishing the day with two 3rd places. A solid finish for what started as a rough week.Photo by Jessica Rankin
Haiden Deegan (238) took the big bear home in the 65 open on Day 2, combining that with his win on Tuesday gave him the overall for the class making that 3 bears for the count!Photo by Jessica Rankin
Continuing from Day 1, Stilez Robertson (325) battled with Dilan Schwartz and took the win in Supermini 1. While Schwartz finished up in 2nd, the reverse results of Day 1.Photo by Jessica Rankin
In Supermini 2, Dilan Schwartz (74) followed up his solid 2nd place from Tuesday with a win and big Golden Bear.Photo by Jessica Rankin
Jett Reynolds (79) was bear hunting in Mammoth for the coolest trophies in all of Amateur Motocross racing. Taking home 7 big golden bears!Photo by Jessica Rankin
In Mini Sr 2, Josh Varize was running in 2nd and made his way around Max Vohland mid-moto to take the win and a big Golden bear.Photo by Jessica Rankin
Every class was a hard fought battle and lots of top contenders. This year Ryder DiFrancesco didn’t take home any of the big Golden bears but he did take home many bears in the 85 9-12 and Mini Sr 2 classes. With a 2nd place finish each day in the 85cc 9-12, he earned 2nd OA and 5th place finish on Wednesday in the Mini Sr 2.Photo by Jessica Rankin