Racing two 65cc classes today Haiden Deegan, riding solidly was able to get another big bear in the 65 open. In the 10-11 class, he had some trouble early on in the main but made his way back up to 4th.Photo by Jessica Rankin
Parker Ross (1) came into Mammoth with the King of the West Titles in three classes. Today on day one of mini racing, he won the 65cc (10-11) earning one of the Mammoth 50th Anniversary Golden #1 bears.Photo by Jessica Rankin
First lap is always crowded, a pack of 65 riders making their way down the hill and well on their way to a solid moto finish. You can pick out Rusty Brueske(21), Gordon Treuber III (3), Riley Fulton (45), Kyle Head (811), Samuel McCord (178).Photo by Jessica Rankin
Stilez Robertson (325) dropping down the hill on lap one of Supermini 2. You wouldn’t know by the photo that it’s first lap, and there’s a big pack of riders that he’s already put a nice holeshot on.Photo by Jessica Rankin
Stilez(325) and Dilan Schwartz (74) put on a show battling back and forth for the 1 and 2 spots all day in both the Supermini 1 and Supermini 2 classes.Photo by Jessica Rankin
In Supermini 2, first moto Dilan Schwartz (74) made the pass on Stilez Robertson (325) and ended up taking the first moto win. Roberston would end up beating him in the second moto for the overall on the day. We’ll see what a new day of racing with what Wednesday brings!Photo by Jessica Rankin
The tiniest guys to take on this Mammoth track all week are the 50cc class ages 6-8. Pictured here are Brazen Dever (112), Manuel Dumais (1), and Austin Camden (191). Dever finished the day 1st OA, Dumais 11th OA, and Camden 4th OA.Photo by Jessica Rankin
Mason Finney (39) is racing Mammoth for the first time in the 50cc 6-8 class, he’s out here with his dad who raced here years ago. It’s awesome to see the generations of rider’s at races like Mammoth, especially in the 50th Anniversary Race. Mason finished 21st overall with a 36th in Moto 1 and a solid 11th in Moto 2.Photo by Jessica Rankin
All the races are exciting out here this week. Another stacked class is the 85cc 9-12. Pictured is Reven Gordon (105), Julian Beaumer (299). Reven finished the day in 12th and Julian in 6th.Photo by Jessica Rankin
It’s a warm one up here this week and late in the day the track is pretty dusty, even with the hard working track crew trying to keep water on it. Carson Mumford (122) on the Geico Honda 150 with a nice and consistent day, taking 5th in the Supermini 1 main and going 3-3 in Supermini 2 for 3rd OA.Photo by Jessica Rankin
Ryder DiFrancesco always with style, jumping back down the freeway before the finish. DiFrancisco (199) with a 2nd OA in 85cc 9-12.Photo by Jessica Rankin
All the way from Salt Lake City, Utah, Kade Johnson might me more accustomed to all this snow we have in Mammoth this year. He took home the Big Golden bear for the 1st 0A in the 65cc 7-9.Photo by Jessica Rankin
As if the big #1 bear isn’t already special and a major accomplishment, this year they are gold for Mammoth Motocross’ 50th Anniversary. On day one, Jett Renolds (79) earned himself and his team three of them in the 85cc 9-12, Mini Sr 1 (12-13), and Mini Sr 2 (9-14) classes.Photo by Jessica Rankin
Max Vohland (1) chasing down Jett Reynolds in the Mini Sr 2 main. Max came into Mammoth with the Red #1 plate in Mini Sr 1 (12-13) and Mini Sr 2 (9-14). In the very competitive Mini Sr classes, he came in with a fourth in Mini Sr 1 and second in Mini Sr 2.Photo by Jessica Rankin
Hunter Cross (71) back to Nationals after a couple months off the bike from an injury in Texas. I think the time off the bike lit an even bigger fire. Hunter wrapped up the day with some bears as well a 2nd in Mini Sr 1 and 3rd in Mini Sr 2.Photo by Jessica Rankin