In the 25+ A/B/C, Shaun Hillion(413) took the early lead, fell to second mid moto and made his way back into 1st by the end of the second moto for the moto win and the overall.Photo by Jessica Rankin
Although he did lead many laps in the second moto, Mark Samuels (130) went 3-3 in the 25+ A/B/C.Photo by Jessica Rankin
Austin Black (55) moving up to big bikes this year and is off to a great start in Mammoth. He won the second moto of Schoolboy 1, combined with his 2nd place in Moto 1 that gave him the overall and a big golden bear.Photo by Jessica Rankin
Levi Newbi (28) coming back down the freeway chasing McClellan Hile and Brock Papi during the Open B main.Photo by Jessica Rankin
Brock Papi (14) with an impressive ride on Friday, leading all the laps in his heat and main in the Open B class.Photo by Jessica Rankin
McClellan Hile (505) won his heat and joined Brock Papi in the Main of Open B, he rode right behind Papi the entire main putting the pressure on and ended up with a solid second place.Photo by Jessica Rankin
Derek Drake (33) coming back around the tree turn and also right in the mix with the top 3 guys in Open B, wrapped up the day with a 4th.Photo by Jessica Rankin
Alex Martin (328) got a 3rd in his heat earlier in the day but brought it in the main for the win in Open C.Photo by Jessica Rankin
Cole Bailey came into Mammoth with the red plate in multiple classes, including Friday’s Open C class, and was able to pull off a podium finish with 3rd in the main.Photo by Jessica Rankin
In the last couple of years, the Supermini All Star class has been brought into Big Bike Weekend. Some of the Supermini riders stick around and race on Friday when the track is even rougher from big bikes and there are a lot more spectators. A top contender in the class on the last day of mini racing, Jeremy Ryan came into Mammoth with the King of the West title and stayed for this race finishing with 2nd.Photo by Jessica Rankin
Dilan Schwartz had an incredible week of racing up at Mammoth and continued that on Friday going 1-1 in the Supermini All Star Class.Photo by Jessica Rankin
In the Schoolboy 2 main, Derek Drake (33) and Garrett Marchbanks (282) battled it out. Marchbanks ended up taking the win followed by Drake finishing in 2nd.Photo by Jessica Rankin
Connor Mullenix (288), also in the Schoolboy 2 class, took 3rd behind Marchbanks and Drake.Photo by Jessica Rankin
A lot of Pro riders are always out at Mammoth MX. In the Open Pro Sport Class, there was 2 divisions to get into the main. Justin Hoeft (244) took a 3rd in his heat and finished up 3rd in the main.Photo by Jessica Rankin
Justin Cooper(191) was on fire this weekend. In his heat, he got into the lead early and took the win in the Open Pro Sport main and leading the whole 10 lap moto.Photo by Jessica Rankin