Malcolm Smith Racing Rocks The 24 Hours Of Glen Helen

Ox Motorsports/Malcolm Smith Racing tackled the infamous 24 Hours Of Glen Helen endurance race

As a warm-up for the Baja 1000 Ox Motorsports/Malcolm Smith Racing tackled the infamous 24 Hours Of Glen Helen endurance race. Nearly 40 teams tested their mettle against the challenging nine-mile loop in a race around the clock. When the time was up, Mark Samuels, Colton Udall, Daymon Stockie and Justin Jones had overcome a 12-minute deficit at the 12 hour mark for the eventual win.

Ox Motorsport Team
Congrats to Ox Motorsports' Mark Samuels, Daymon Stockie, Colton Udall and Justin Jones (left to right) on their 24 Hours Of Glen Helen win!Courtesy of Malcolm Smith Racing

“All the hard work feels good when you can continue to wear that #1,” says Colton Udall who built the CRF450x race bike from the transmission up the week leading up to the race. “Thanks to all our sponsors, pit crew, and family. Our team bonds so well and I'm very grateful to surround myself with hardworking, loving, and dedicated people.”

Ox Motorsports' Colton Udall
Ox Motorsports' Colton Udall crossing finish line at 24 Hours of Glen Helen race.Courtesy of Malcolm Smith Racing

“From the apparel designed to keep you riding in comfort longer to our FunnelWeb air filters that rocked around the clock without costing time to change, the 24 Hours of Glen Helen is the perfect showcase for Malcolm Smith Racing products,” explains Brand Manager Jason Gearld. “Before Malcolm's name goes on anything, some serious effort goes into the design… after all we have to live up to the standards of Malcolm Smith himself. From the tip of Baja to the Roof of Africa for Six Days and On Any Sunday, Malcolm has been there and won that!”

In addition to the winning Ox Motorsports effort, MSR Racing was honored to support the +30 Expert/Intermediate Yamaha of Justin Shultz and the +40 Expert/Intermediate Beta effort of Craig Hunter. “We ran the FunnelWeb filter and didn't even have to change it once on my YZ450 FX during this race,” says Shultz. “Awesome filter!”

Justin Shultz and team
Justin Shultz and team at 24 Hours of Glen Helen race.Courtesy of Malcolm Smith Racing

Whether you want to rock around the clock or beat Baja, Malcolm Smith Racing has the solution, says Gearld.

John Burr Cycles 24 Hours Of Glen Helen

Overall Winner
Colton Udall
Mark Samuels
Daymon Stockie
Justin Jones

+30 Expert/Intermdiate
Ryan Liebelt
Morgan Crawford
Rowan Trefz
Jeff Trulove
Andrew Puckett
Justin Shultz

+40 Expert/Intermediate
Scott Perkins
Brent Farrell
Robert Baehr
Craig Hunter
Jeff Kawell
Jason Trubey

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