The Malcolm Smith Autobiography Lives!

After two years of work, Malcolm Smith’s long-awaited autobiography, titled Malcolm! The Autobiography, is finished, printed, and on its way to Malcolm’s Southern California store via ocean container.

Expected arrival of the bulk shipment is October, 2015, or sooner. Which means customers can expect their books to be shipped at that time. Of course, books are available for immediate order (and October delivery) from Malcolm Smith Motorsports [7599 Indiana Ave. Riverside, CA 92504, 951.687.1300] at, or Retail price is $49.95.

Copies will also be available at the Barber Vintage Festival at Barber Motorsports Park near Birmingham, AL, [Oct 8 - 11], where Malcolm will officially unveil the book to the public. In addition, Tucker Rocky will distribute the book to motorsports dealers across the country.

“I’m really excited about the book and our launch at Barber,” Malcolm says. “I’ve heard a lot of good things about the place, and I can’t wait to see it. It took us a while to finish the book, but better late then never, right? I’m biased, but it’s really, really good!”

For the 400-page, 11 x 11-inch hardbound book, Malcolm teamed up with longtime motojournalist Mitch Boehm, a 30-year industry veteran who edited Motorcyclist for 15 years, and who also worked at Cycle World and American Honda.

Saturated with personal storytelling, rich in detail, and con-taining many never-before-seen photographs from Malcolm’s personal archive, Malcolm! The Autobiography is a must-read for any motorcyclist or off-road enthusiast. From his early days along Canada’s Pacific coast, to his childhood in San Bernardino, California, to his first bikes, his racing efforts in the U.S., Baja, Europe and Asia, to his business life, the iconic movie On Any Sunday and his family life, it’s all here, and all told by one of the world’s legendary motorcycle and off-road racers.

“I’ve done a lot in my 74 years,” Malcolm says, “and I even managed to remember a lot of it despite falling on my head a few times!”

“It was a fascinating project,” says Boehm. “Malcolm and I would talk about a period of his life, with my recorder going the whole time. Later, I’d transcribe what Malcolm had said, and weave it all together. Then we’d go over it together, making sure it was just right.”

“There’s a lot here,” says Malcolm. “Ten chapters, over 100,000 words worth of stories, and hundreds of photo-graphs, many of them never seen before. It’s an amazing book. I have to give credit to Todd Westover, who handled the design for us, and my wife Joyce, who helped organize the project and scanned many of the photos. I just know folks are going to love it.”

Retail price: $49.95

For more information contact Malcolm Smith Motorsports [7599 Indiana Ave. Riverside, CA 92504, 951.687.1300 or, or click on