Nothing but family fun and great racing all day today at Loretta Lynn’s. We finally witnessed a few good battles as well as more outstanding performances. Here are some images of all the action from Day 2.

Battles aren’t just for the boys.Jacob Souder

One of the best races of the day was in the Girls 11-16 class. Tayler Allred, Jordan Jarvis, Korie Steede and Jazzmyn Canfield were lock in a four-racer battle for a few laps. Jarvis and Canfield would break apart and march away until Jarvis crashed. Canfield won moto 2.

Pro MX and SX racing legend from the '90s Nathan Ramsey tried to keep with fellow legend Mike Brown today in the +40 vet division but was unable to do so. Brown won moto 2.Jacob Souder
Mike Brown is unbeaten so far this week. Today he won +25 and +40 classes.Jacob Souder
Buddy Antunez is also in attendance. Making a showing in the +50 and +25 classes. Today he finished 6th in +40.Jacob Souder
Rock River Yamaha’s Justin Cooper is the real deal. Out to an early lead in Open Pro Sport and dominated the race with such smooth style, he holds the fastest lap so far at the ranch this year.Jacob Souder
Holeshot and a few lap lead in the 250B class for KTM rider Levi Newby.Jacob Souder
See that little bump at the bottom of the image? Well, that's were EBR performance Yamaha’s Carter Halpain was landing on this huge quad jump. The jump would eventually claim Halpain while running 2nd in 250B moto 2 resulting in a DNF.Jacob Souder
Team Green Kawasaki’s Garrett Marchbanks won moto 2 of the 250B with a significant lead. He is 2-1 so far this week in the class.Jacob Souder
All the way from Mexico, Felix Lopez rode a flawless moto to win moto 1 of the College 18-24 class.Jacob Souder
Garrett Marchbanks scrubs a jump in the early morning light at Loretta Lynn’s. He won moto 1 of the Schoolboy 2 with KTM’s Pierce Brown giving chase.Jacob Souder
Ryder DiFrancesco won moto 1 in 85cc 9-11 but wasn’t without a fight from teammate Chance Hymas.Jacob Souder
Aboard his Husqvarna TC85 Larry Reyes Jr. got the holeshot in Mini Sr 2 moto 1 but was quickly caught by Nate Thrasher who would go on to win the moto.Jacob Souder
Team Green Kawasaki’s Nate Thrasher.Jacob Souder
Apparently speed knows no age. Factory Cobra pilot Drew Adams was flat out flying in the 51cc 7-8 Limited, winning moto 1 after making several passes.Jacob Souder