A Look Back At The US National MotoTrials In Roswell, New Mexico

Feet up in the desert

Shan Moore gives us another look back at the opening two rounds of the AMA/NATC US National MotoTrials in Roswell, New Mexico.

Sam Fastle takes a leap of faith on Saturday. There were plenty of “gaps” to jump during the two days of competition in the New Mexico desert.Shan Moore
The US National MotoTrials events have a special class for air-cooled monoshock bikes. David Klein foots his way through a section on his TY Yamaha.Shan Moore
Beta USA’s Andreas Niederer launches up a boulder during Saturday’s competition. Andreas made his debut in the Pro class in New Mexico.Shan Moore
Kansas native Dustin Land struts his stuff on a Vertigo trials bike, which is made in Spain.Shan Moore
The MotoTrials series also has several classes for women riders. Laura Peters has long been a follower of the series.Shan Moore
Pat Smage is going for a 10th US National MotoTrials title, which would tie Geoff Aaron’s record for national trials titles.Shan Moore
Beta USA’s Jerome Gregorowicz launches his bike across an intimidating crevice in section one.Shan Moore
Quinn Wentzel picks his way through a rock garden on his Scorpa.Shan Moore
Agustin Pascal of Mexico cuts a fine line during Sunday’s competition in the Junior class.Shan Moore
Sherco USA’s Sam Fastle seems to be lost among the jumble of VW-size boulders.Shan Moore