Lighting For Several Bikes – Letter of the Week

Inside this Letter of the Week, Randy J. wants help to get his Yamaha YZ250 lit up.

Yamaha YZ250
Yamaha YZ250 stock does not come equipped with headlight, Baja Designs does offer an aftermarket stator that can run a lower-level LED light.DR Staff

I have a few questions about lighting for my machine. I'd like to add a headlight to my 2005 YZ250 smoker. So, my questions would be who makes something powerful enough for night riding? I've found basically one source for a lighting coil, and at 35w I don't think that will be sufficient. Or am I wrong? I know there are battery operated bar mounted LEDs out there which I wouldn't mind adding. But trying to keep weight off the front end without adding too much in my opinion would be a better option. Maybe someone like electro sport or similar could re-wrap the stock stator? I have a few decent trails by my house that would be fun for riding and testing. I raced the Perry Mountain 24hr back in 2007 with some friends and was hooked, but unfortunately never tried again. Now I'm getting the itch, after years of crossing back and forth between MX and off-road riding and racing. If there's something you can suggest, I'd really appreciate it. And also as a father of three (all who ride) cost will also play a big part. I'd like to start ASAP in getting ready for next year’s 24 hour as an iron man or duo-team. That's my goal. Thanks for the help, I look forward to hearing back.

Randy Jackson

I looked on the Baja Designs site and it says with an aftermarket stator your bike could run a lower-level LED light. I think you would do better to put the budget into helmet lights for you and the kids. Your bike isn't going to produce impressive lighting, and as your kids grow there will be no bike-light costs or work when they get on a bigger bike.

Sorry that's not what you wanted to hear, but that's how I'd do it if I was going to night ride on a YZ. —Pete Peterson

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