Legendary Off-Road Promoter Casey Folks Will Be Missed

Rest in peace Casey Folks

Kawasaki mourns the loss of legendary off-road promoter Casey Folks who passed away on January 12.Image Courtesy of Kawasaki

Dirt Rider joins Kawasaki in mourning the loss of the Best in the Desert Racing Series founder Casey Folks, who passed away on January 12.

Folks lived an off-roaders dream life as an avid participant and Off-Road Hall of Famer. He also started Best in the Desert in 1984, offering motorcycle manufacturers from around the world a new way to truly showcase the performance of their bikes. Kawasaki’s Team Green Off-Road Team competed in BITD from 1996 through to 2003 and captured four championships in six years. Kawasaki provided pit support to all Kawasaki racers, making it feasible for an amateur racer to manage the logistical challenge of racing such long event.

Casey created memorable moments for thousands and thousands of people. We thank him for a lifetime of dedication to the sport we all love and as we continue to experience the passion of off-road racing, Folks’ legacy will live on.