Lectron 34-40 mm Power Jet Carburetor - Product of the Week

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Lectron 34-40 mm Power Jet Carburetor Review


We introduced the Lectron carb a couple months ago and had high hopes when we handed it off to one of our core testers, Michael Allen, who installed it on our 2015 KTM 250 XC. Here is what he had to say after riding with this fuel/air mixer.

“I installed the Lectron carburetor on the 2015 KTM 250 XC in early May with no issues. The instructions were thorough, and explained the initial adjustments of the carburetor clearly. One of the first things I noticed when I went to start the bike was that the choke is on the right side of the carburetor. This made it more difficult to reach than the choke knob on the stock carburetor. Once the choke was pulled up, the bike started easily and idled smoothly. When I turned off the choke the idle went down and I adjusted it accordingly. Upon my initial ride I noticed that the bottom end bark or crispness wasn’t there like it was with the stock carburetor. I initially though the bike was too rich, so I used the supplied tool and leaned out the metering rod. To my surprise, the bottom end got worse and the bike began to ping when ridden in the higher RPM. I went back in and richened the metering rod past the stock setting, and repeated this process until the bike felt too rich, then worked my way back to the best feeling/ sounding setting. It seemed no matter how I adjusted the metering rod, I could never get the bike to work great in the high and low RPM with the same setting. I could either get it to be somewhat crisp on the bottom and it would still feel lean when ran hard on top (think desert race), or I could get it to run clean on top and it would be too rich and blubbery in the bottom. If I was off the gas for any amount of time and went to slip the clutch and get on it, the bike would seem loaded up and take a little time to clean out. I tested this bike at altitudes from 300ft up to 3,000 feet and didn’t notice a real change in the jetting. I would love to give this carb another shot on a different bike to see if maybe there are some settings that I was not privy to.”