Leatt GPX 6.5 Neck Brace - Product Of The Week

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Leatt GPX 6.5 Neck Brace; $499

This week we are taking a look at Leatt’s latest neck brace the GPX 6.5. Most people fall firmly on one side or the other when it comes to neck braces and here at Dirt Rider we support both views. A feature article that we wrote a couple years ago investigates neck braces and comes to the conclusion that while there just isn’t enough data to prove or disprove how much a neck brace protects you, all of the medical experts that we talked to said that there are no downsides that they could see. Still, some of us on staff wear them and some don’t.

As for this particular brace, the GPX 6.5, we just got it into our office and we are taking a first look at what makes it different than Leatt’s other offerings. The major distinction for the GPX 6.5 is the MaxiWeave carbon fiber matrix that it is made out of, which makes it super stiff yet super light. Just picking it up and putting it on at our desks, we notice how light it is and how thin the material can be since it is claimed to be so strong.

Another difference from the 5.5 is that the padding on top of the brace and below (where the brace makes contact with your body) has a new profile and feel. Rather than different thicknesses of padding at the shoulder, front and back sections to choose from, the GPX 6.5 comes with one standard height. This seems like it would make the fit less customizable; perhaps Leatt decided that this particular brace is set up best the way it comes.

What is customizable for different body shapes is the front and rear struts that have four and five positions of adjustment respectively. Also, the rear strut has different inserts to slightly change its angle. All of these adjustments are tool less and can be done quickly and easily.

The GPX 6.5 is a pretty trick, light, and fancy neck brace option for those who prefer to ride with them. It also might be just the neck brace to sway the objectors since it is so unobtrusive. We think it is pretty cool, but, like any protective gear, it is always your choice to make.