That’s right a Keefer’s Korner about the final round of the AMA Amsoil Arenacross Series in Las Vegas, Nevada! I mean the top three positions were separated by 8 points, so why wouldn’t we break down what happened from The Orleans Arena. I drove all the way to Vegas to check out the action to see for myself what these top Arenacross guys were all about, so sit back enjoy a cocktail and read all about that went down from Sin City right here.

250 AX Class:

Gavin Faith: Gavin started off in the first practice of the day and looked to be riding aggressive. When asked if he was feeling pressure he said he wasn't and he honestly rode like it didn't bother him. In the first Main Event Gavin not only caught Chris Blose, but made a move to get around him when he didn't have to. He could of followed Blose around the track and still would of won the Ricky Carmichael Cup. In the head to head race Gavin and Chris were up against each other and Gavin dominated that race as well. Training at "The Farm" in Florida has given Faith even more confidence and it showed by winning his second consecutive championship.

Las Vegas Arenacross 2017
Gavin Faith is your two-time Arenacross Champion. Faith wouldn’t be denied all night and rode like he had nothing to lose, which led to him not only with another championship, but the overall with a 1-2 score.Courtesy of Arenacross

Chris Blose: Oh what could have been for Blose. He won the previous two rounds leading into Vegas and had a head full of steam to make a charge on Faith on Friday night. Blose was fast in the whoops all night. Only a few were skimming them successfully and Blose was one of those guys. The problem was that Faith was doing it a little cleaner and made the pass in the first Main to finish ahead of Blose. In the second Main Blose got a good start, got into second and preceded to case the rhythm before the finish and endo spectacularly over the berm. That was the end of his championship run. Number 2 will be number 3 in 2018.

Las Vegas Arenacross 2017
Chris Blose tried everything to make up some points Friday night, but ended up making a big mistake and slipping back to third in the series.Courtesy of Arenacross

Jace Owen: Jace was on fire all year and in the hunt for the championship. He wasn't a factor in the first Main, but in the second main he got the holeshot and checked out. Owen is another benefactor of Ricky Carmichael's training program in Florida and was rewarded with second in points with 3-1 Main Event scores. The Vegas track offered up a pretty big dragons back section that the riders could jump out onto a single. Most would skim and jump out, but Owen would jump half way onto the dragons back and jump all the way out to the single. It was so sketchy, but he made it look easy. He was also the first one to start tripling into the whoop section as well. His technical ability on a bike is one of the best in the series.

Daniel Herrlein: Ohio native Herrlein had a new bike to get used to in 2017 and not only made "The Chase", but got his first win this season. In Vegas the whoops held him back to a 7-7 score in the mains and with those finishes he betters his 2018 number to 4. Herrlein and his Woodstock KTM will be back in 2018 and look for more out of this seasoned Arenacross specialist next year.

Gared Steinke: Crowd favorite and all around two-stroke lover was fast on his Babbitts Kawasaki, but the big whoops of Vegas bit him in his heat race. The rear end started to get light, spun and put Gared into an endo. He was holding his shoulder and was reported that he may have popped it out or broke his collarbone. Look for Steinke and his 125 two-stroke come this summer in the 125 Dream Race Series.

Ben Lamay: The Alaskan Assassin was hammering the whoops (like he always does) and got on the podium with a 4-3. It wasn't the best series for Lamay, but he looks to turn his year around by racing some 450 outdoor nationals on a KTM. Lamay and his Ti Lube backed Honda was put together nicely in Vegas. The pink Honda and hi vis Fly Racing gear matched up perfectly.

Las Vegas Arenacross 2017
Ben Lamay finished the last race on the podium and looks to be headed outdoors for the summer on a 450.Courtesy of Arenacross

Notes From Vegas:

Arenacross Main Event Bike Breakdown:

Yamaha= 10
Honda= 4
KTM= 1
Suzuki= 2
Kawasaki= 4
Husqvarna= 1

The Orleans Track: The track was a little longer than usual. There were four long lanes that had one long deep whoop section that gave 75% of the rider's fits all night. The brave would skim, but the safe bet was doubling or tripling through them. The dirt wasn't the usual Vegas blue groove as the track crew did a great job of keeping moisture in the dirt all day.

Special Shout Out: In the 50 Ultracross class there was a young man named Carson Fiske that was born with one arm. His second arm never developed and instead of complaining and pouting about what he didn't get in his life, this kid was full of positivity and energy. Carson and his dad rigged his KTM up with a special handlebar set up that lets him ride one handed! A Rekluse auto clutch helps him not have to worry about using a clutch and Carson made the show and finished 13th! Carson was an inspiration and a breathe of fresh air while showing everyone what a rider with true heart can do on the difficult Orleans track.

Best Dressed Award: Jace Owen and Fly Racing did it right in Vegas! The Fly Racing Kinetic Hi Vis/Pink gear along with his pink Honda really popped and went well together. There was no one that came close to this set up and with that the award goes to you Jace. Congrats.

Las Vegas Arenacross 2017
Jace Owen was your “Best Dressed” and won the second Main event in Vegas. His 3-1 scores netted him second overall on the night and in the series.Courtesy of Arenacross
Las Vegas Arenacross 2017
Ricky Carmichael took Gavin Faith under his wing at “The Farm” and it has proven to work out well for Gavin. Going back to back is not an easy thing to do and I am sure the GOAT has been a big help not only on the bike, but mentally as well.Courtesy of Arenacross
Las Vegas Arenacross 2017
Justin Cooper (left) and Ryan Breece (right) are your east and west Arenacross lites champions. Both were crowned on Friday night.Courtesy of Arenacross
Las Vegas Arenacross 2017
Here is your podium from an exciting final round of AMA Amsoil Arenacross.Courtesy of Arenacross

250 Arenacross Class Results:

  1. Gavin Faith (Kaw) 1-2
  2. Jace Owen (Hon) 3-1
  3. Ben Lamay (Hon) 4-3
  4. Jacob Williamson (Kaw) 5-4
  5. Travis Sewell (Kaw) 6-5
  6. Jared Lesher (KTM) 8-6
  7. Daniel Herrlein (KTM) 7-7
  8. Chris Blose (Yam) 2-12
  9. Cody Van Buskirk (KTM) 9-8
  10. Josh Cartwright (Yam) 10-9