Kurt Nicoll Joins Forces with Alta Motors for the 2016 EnduroCross Series

The Vet & The Newcomers partner up for 2016 EnduroCross Series with the Alta

Brisbane, CA, September 19, 2016 – In a first for a rider and a bike, in the the EnduroCross series, Kurt Nicoll will be competing in the 2016 EnduroCross series on a Redshift MX, the electric equivalent of a 250cc motocross bike built by Alta Motors in Brisbane California.

Kurt Nicoll, is one of the most dominant veteran riders in the field today. Nicoll has 13 GP wins, seven British titles and two AMA supermoto championships under his belt, and has proven time and again that he is a force to be reckoned with on any track. From 2011-2013, Kurt won three back to back EnduroCross titles, and was named the 2012 Vet of the Year. Despite being in his early 50s, Kurt is still competing against the rising EnduroCross stars and proving that he can win titles. He plans to reinforce his reputation with a decisive win at the upcoming EnduroCross event in Arizona on September 24th.

Kurt Nicoll aboard Alta Motors' Redshift MX
Kurt Nicoll aboard Alta Motors' Redshift MXCourtesy of Alta Motors

Nicoll and Alta Motors began working together earlier this summer, gauging the ability of Alta’s Redshift MX and Kurt’s ability to adapt to the electric bike. “I’ve seen a lot of companies try to make an electric dirt bike before, but Alta is the first one to make a proper full size dirt bike, it’s the real deal. The chassis feels just like the bikes I’ve been riding all my life, but with power delivery that will prove to be a weapon on the track."

Kurt Nicoll aboard Alta Motors' Redshift MX
Kurt Nicoll aboard Alta Motors' Redshift MXCourtesy of Alta Motors

The EnduroCross program is a first for Alta, and their participation has already drawn attention from many industry players. “We’ve competed in regional races in the past, but never something of this size. The whole team at Alta is stoked—this is why we build bikes. We believe the Redshift will perform well in EnduroCross and Kurt will be a great rider for the company” says Alta’s CEO Marc Fenigstein.

Kurt Nicoll aboard Alta Motors' Redshift MX
Kurt Nicoll aboard Alta Motors' Redshift MXCourtesy of Alta Motors

Round 4 of the EnduroCross series will be held at Arizona’s WestWorld Expo, where the 120,000 sq. foot track has been set up with extremely technical sections. Broken boulders, huge whoops and heavy logs will be scattered around the course and prove challenging for even the most seasoned riders. With the season under way, fans are excited to see the competition unfold.

Kurt Nicoll aboard Alta Motors' Redshift MX
Kurt Nicoll aboard Alta Motors' Redshift MXCourtesy of Alta Motors

About Alta Motors: The company was founded in 2010 with the goal of building a better motorcycle in every way. With a clean sheet and patented design, Alta’s team of 50 has built a groundbreaking electric drivetrain that provides instant torque, selective mapping and a level of control that is unparalleled in its gas equivalents. Putting down over 500 ft-lbs of torque at the rear wheel from 0 RPM and 40 peak horsepower, the Redshift MX and the Redshift SM are designed to offer class-leading control and rideability in the market and by doing so elevate any rider’s experience.

Kurt Nicoll aboard Alta Motors' Redshift MX
Kurt Nicoll aboard Alta Motors' Redshift MXCourtesy of Alta Motors

2016 AMA EnduroCross Championship Schedule:

Date – Location – Arena / Additional Information

August 27, 2016 – Duluth, Georgia – Infinite Energy Center
September 3, 2016 – Brandon, South Dakota – Badlands Motor Speedway
September 10, 2016 – Salt Lake City, Utah – Vivint Smart Home Arena
September 24, 2016 – Scottsdale, Arizona – WestWorld – Intl Off-Road & UTV Expo
October 1, 2016 – Denver, Colorado – National Western Events Center
October 22, 2016 – Everett, Washington – XFINITY Arena
November 5, 2016 – Nampa, Idaho – Ford Idaho Center
November 18-19, 2016 – Ontario, California – Citizens Business Bank Arena
* Subject to change

For more information on Alta Motors contact marketing@altamotors.co or visit www.altamotors.co

For more information on Kurt Nicoll & Champion MX visit: www.championmx.com

Electric Motorcycle Racing Endurocross?

Kurt Nicoll talks about racing the Alta electric motorcycle

Story By Pete Peterson

When we heard Kurt Nicoll would be racing an electric Alta against gas bikes in the Vet class at the Phoenix EnduroCross we got on the phone with him to hear more about the bike, preparing, and what his expectations are for this bike in this class. He told us he’d initially tested it on his backyard EnduroCross track, and then did testing on Colton Haaker’s track, which is, if anything, more extreme than the series’ race tracks. He’s excited to be the first man who might beat gas bikes on an electric bike at a national-level race.

Dirt Rider: What modifications have you made to the bike to get it ready for EnduroCross?

Kurt Nicoll: We modified all the suspension settings to make them softer, we changed gearing considerably, we changed the tires and wheels as well. Obviously the biggest thing we'd done is changed mapping, which is a hugely flexible area of electric bikes to suit EnduroCross. We've given it a way softer, less powerful delivery.

DR: Does this bike have a clutch on it?

KN: It doesn't have a clutch. I haven't missed the clutch from the first time I rode it because when you shut the throttle, the bike stops. It doesn't have a gearbox and such to keep moving… I think the lack of clutch is something which people can get hung up on, but I don't miss it on this bike at all, the way the power delivery is.

DR: During testing and practice on the Alta, have you done back to back laptimes with you on the electric bike and you on a gas bike?

KN: I have not…. There are certain things which work better, certain which work differently so I've decided to concentrate all my efforts into riding the electric bike not doing comparisons.

DR: Just seat-of-the-pants, what would you guess your speed is right now compared to you on a gas bike?

KN: I hope that I'm a little faster on the electric bike.

DR: What are the advantages of the electric bike?

KN: The big advantages are the fact that the power is instant and always there. In EnduroCross you pretty much come to a stop a lot of the time a lot of the time in difficult, technical sections… With the electric bike you can come to a stop and restart and the power's always there. I think that's the big advantage… [also] the way we've been able to manipulate the power. The gas bikes are what they are. You can change the power delivery a little bit but we can radically change the electric bike, so it's an advantage being able to tailor it. Plus we have four maps, four very different power maps that are available and I [can] actually change those during the race. We have what I would call a crawler map that, if I get stuck in wet rocks, I put it on a very lower power setting and I can just pull out of it, then I can change back to the other power. Then we have one power for the start. But that [radical of a change is] something you obviously can't do with the gas bike.

DR: So if you have smooth laps you're going to say in one power map after the start, is that the plan?

KN: No, not necessarily. The option's there to flip power maps in the middle of the track, which we obviously don't know yet, but if there is a particularly technical set of rocks or something then the option is there to change the power maps while I'm riding, putting it down into like a crawler power map to go through the technical section.

DR: What are your goals or expectations for the Phoenix round?

KN: That I can at least get on the podium the first time. I mean, I don't know if I can expect to go straight out and win races immediately or not. I'm not putting too much expectation on because this is a real learning experience for Alta and for me. I'm certainly aiming to get on the box if I can.

DR: Do you have plans for more rounds after Phoenix?

KN: Yes, I plan to race Phoenix. The week after Phoenix is Denver, I plan to do that one as well, and then do the final in Ontario, because the way the vet championship works in EnduroCross is the final is the championship, all you really do in the other rounds is qualify. So I plan to get qualification done in Phoenix and Denver, then race the finals in Ontario, California, in November.