KTM Motorsports Announces 2018 FMF KTM Factory Racing Off-Road Team

Kailub Russell, Cody Webb, Kacy Martinez, Taylor Robert, and Josh Toth become teammates

KTM has always been more associated with off-road bikes than motocross, but with Ryan Dungey, Jeffrey Herlings, Tony Cairoli, Marvin Musquin, and a host of other moto riders, the orange brand seems to be expanding its reach. Yet we are talking about the US-based off-road team FMF KTM Factory Racing, whose riders will be racing in pretty much every major off-road series in the United States—and some that aren't.

Kailub Russell
Kailub RussellCourtesy of KTM

Kailub Russell

Bike: 350 XC-F
Series: GNCC, Big 6 Grand Prix
2017 Results: GNCC champion, 11th in National Enduro

As the winningest GNCC racer of all time, Kailub is racing that series again to try to get a sixth consecutive championship, which isn’t surprising. But what is surprising is that he will attempt to win his first West Coast championship racing the Big 6 Grand Prix series. This isn’t unprecedented as his teammate Taylor Robert has had success across multiple off-road disciplines, but it is also not the norm. It will be interesting to see how Kailub will adjust to the way more open and faster-paced racing that typifies the Big 6.

Taylor Robert
Taylor RobertCourtesy of KTM

Taylor Robert

Bike: 450 XC-F
Series: National Hare & Hound, WORCS
2017 Results: Fourth in WORCS, second in NHH

Sticking with all West Coast racing this year, Taylor will be a threat as always. Despite his having multiple race wins last season, injury left him unable to compete in a complete season. We look forward to watching a healthy Taylor compete in full form.

Kacy Martinez-Coy
Kacy Martinez-CoyCourtesy of KTM

Kacy Martinez-Coy

Bikes: 150 XC-W (EnduroCross), 250 XC-F (Big 6)
Series: EnduroCross, Big 6
2017 Results: NHH champion, second in EnduroCross

This year Kacy won her first National Hare & Hound Championship but will be shifting gears and trying for the same result in the EnduroCross series on a 150 XC-W. But she won’t be straying too far from her desert racing success as she will also content the Big 6 Grand Prix series.

Cody Webb
Cody WebbCourtesy of KTM

Cody Webb

Bikes: 350 EXC-F, 250 XC-W TPI (Extreme Enduro), 300 EXC TPI (International EE)
Series: EnduroCross, FIM Super Enduro Championship, Extreme Enduro
2017 Results: EnduroCross champion, first in TKO, first in Last Dog Standing, third in Club Team Class ISDE

It’s awesome to watch Cody race but what is even more interesting is the bikes he’ll be riding next year. For EnduroCross, it will be the same bike he used this year, the 350 EXC-F, but with all the street-legal equipment stripped off. He will also be racing that bike in the full Super Enduro Championship across the pond. Then, for Extreme Enduro racing in the USA, he’ll be on a 250 XC-W TPI (fuel-injected two-stroke) and, since it is available internationally, in Extreme Enduro racing outside the US he’ll be on a 300 EXC TPI (also fuel injected).

Josh Toth
Josh TothCourtesy of KTM

Josh Toth

Bike: 250 XC-F
Series: GNCC, National Enduro
2017 Results: GNCC XC2 champion, 10th in National Enduro, 11th in Sprint Enduro

Josh is the newest member to the KTM team and will be defending his XC2 Pro Championship in the GNCC series. He will also be in the Pro class racing National Enduros.