Justin Hill Wins Grand Prize for RMFantasySX

Hill wins 2016 Toyota Tacoma

Monster Energy Supercross Sponsors Rocky Mountain ATV/MC and Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. teamed up in Columbia, MO, to award the grand prize for the 2016 season of RMFantasySX, the fantasy supercross game by Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. Justin Hill of Centralia, MO, finished with the highest score of the game, making him the overall winner of RMFantasySX and winner of the grand prize, the All-New 2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road 4x4.

Justin Hill, RMFantasySX, Fantasy Supercross, Toyota Tacoma
Justin Hill was awarded the 2016 Toyota Tacoma for getting the highest score of the RMFantasySX fantasy supercross game.Photo Courtesy of Rocky Mountain ATV

As one of nearly 60,000 players in the 2016 season, Hill finished the game with 944 points, 56 points ahead of the next highest scorer. When asked whether he had a strategy for the game, Hill recalled, “I started out going with my heart, putting the riders that were my favorite in the lead – and that didn’t always pan out. So I started going with my gut and that started helping.” Hill was able to request the color he preferred for the truck and Toyota was able to facilitate by presenting him with his new Tacoma in the limited edition Inferno Orange. Representatives from both Rocky Mountain ATV/MC and Toyota traveled to Hill’s local dealership, Joe Machens Toyota Scion in Columbia, MO, to present him with the Tacoma.

The simple-to-play game, which consists of predicting the top five riders (along with a wildcard) for each round and earning points for each correct pick or placement in the top five, experienced unprecedented growth in the 2016 season. The number of players competing in the game this year increased by 29% over 2015. This growth was no doubt in part because of the addition of the all-new Tacoma as the grand prize.

Justin Hill, Toyota Tacoma, RMFantasySX, Rocky Mountain ATV
The grand prize for the RMFantasySX game: a 2016 Toyota Tacoma.Photo Courtesy of Rocky Mountain ATV

2016 marked the first year for the partnership between Rocky Mountain ATV/MC and long-time supercross sponsor, Toyota. “The RMFantasySX partnership with Rocky Mountain ATV/MC has been a great way for Toyota to expand our reach with consumers that are true supercross enthusiasts,” said Steve Appelbaum, Events and Engagement National Manager, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. “The fantasy sports industry continues to grow in popularity, and Toyota sees this as a way to support our guests and fans in their element. Congratulations to Justin.”

“We had another great season of RMFantasySX and were very excited to team up with Toyota to give away the All-New 2016 Toyota Tacoma as the grand prize,” said Dan Thomas, CEO of Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. “With the addition of the truck and the new changes to the scoring system, we feel this season of RMFantasySX was the most enjoyable one yet. We’re excited for the growth we’ve experienced and are already looking forward to seeing what next year brings.”

To learn more about RMFantasySX and see the grand prize presentation in Missouri, watch the video below.

RMFantasySX is always free to play and will return again at www.RMFantasySX.com with more great prizes for the 2017 supercross season.