Junior MotoX Adds Sunday MotoX Fun Day for Adults

A day for the adults on Sunday, May 14

From May 11-13 the kids will be going bar-to-bar, but now adults will get the chance on Sunday, May 14.Image Courtesy of Junior MotoX

After three days dedicated to the kids at the second annual JuniorMotoX held on May 11-13, the awesome track inside the Lazy E Arena will be opened up to the adults for a fun day of racing. The JuniorMotoX is limited to racers that are 18 years of age and under but the kids-at-heart want to tear up that amazing dirt as well, so Sunday will be a day of racing for adults only. Now it is time for the kids to hold a pit board or sit in the stands and cheer on their older brothers, sisters, dads and moms.

Adults will be able to give it their shots on this track on May 14.Image Courtesy of Junior MotoX

2017 Sunday MotoX Classes:

  • Sunday MotoX – 2 Stroke Open (18yrs +) 122cc – 500cc
  • Sunday MotoX – Open Pro Sport (18 yrs +) 250cc – 450cc
  • Sunday MotoX – 250 A/B (18yrs +) 125cc – 250cc
  • Sunday MotoX – 450 A/B (18yrs +) 450cc
  • Sunday MotoX – 250C (18yrs +) 250cc max
  • Sunday MotoX – 450 C (18yrs +) 450cc
  • Sunday MotoX – 30+ (30yrs +) Open displacement
  • Sunday MotoX – 40+ (40yrs +) Open displacement
  • Sunday MotoX – 50+ (50yrs +) Open displacement
  • Sunday MotoX – Women (16yrs +) 122cc – 250cc

You can enter the JuniorMotoX now and Sunday MotoX Fun Day by visiting juniormotox.com/registration