JGRMX Adjustable Pullrod Review

For YZ250F/450F

JGRMX Adjustable Pullrod


The Joe Gibbs Racing Team has come up with an adjustable pullrod not just for its professional motocross team but also for average Joes like you and me. The rear end of the 2015 Yamaha YZ450F/250F feels a little high in corner entrances for most riders and sometimes can kick you in the rear. The JGR pullrod gives you five different adjustments settings—142mm (standard height), 143mm (8mm lower), 144mm (14mm lower), 145mm (19mm lower), and 146mm (23mm lower)—and comes in a purple anodized finish. Each position is indicated by the dots on the oblong pill (a collar that inserts inside the pullrod). It was simple to adjust out at the track, as all I had to do was remove the JGRMX pullrod and make sure the dots on the pill are lined up with the single mark on the pullrod itself. Each adjustment took approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

I went through all of the adjustments (with a stock shock) and found out that each setting made a noticeable change in the bike’s ride attitude on the track.

I am 5-foot-11 and really liked using the 143mm length, as it made the YZ250F and 450F stay flatter over rough conditions. The rear of the bike felt more controlled, and I felt that the rear tire had more contact with the ground when coming into decel chop. Cornering ability didn’t suffer, but I did go up 4mm on the YZ450F fork height (inside the clamp) on tighter-style tracks (the YZ250F felt fine with standard fork height on all tracks). You will want to leave your YZ450F fork in the standard height on faster, loamy tracks. The lower I went the stiffer the rear shock felt. When going to the 144mm setting I had to go a half turn softer on high-speed compression. Doing this made the shock move more freely in the stroke on jump faces and didn’t feel as harsh.

Shorter stature testers between 5-foot-6 and 5-foot-9 really liked the 145mm length. They felt the rear was more pleasant for them (than the 143 and 144mm lengths) coming into corners and could swing the rear of the bike around more quickly, along with getting more traction with the lower setting. High-speed compression was best at half a turn softer than stock for them.

Every test rider felt the 146mm length was too low and felt harsh in most conditions. Also be aware that if you go this low, look out for tire marks under the rear fender. Light tire markings are normal, but dark rubber marks mean that you are hitting the rear fender too much and should look at getting your shock revalved a little stiffer.

This is a great modification for increased handling on either the YZ250F or YZ450F. The JGRMX pullrod will fit on 2010–2015 YZ450Fs and 2014–2015 YZ250Fs. The five different adjustments can fit a wide range of riders, and each adjustment is noticeable on the track. The $279.99 price tag might seem like a lot, but I would take this modification over an aftermarket muffler system any day.

DR Tested Rated: 90
Installation 18/20
Performance 8/10
Durability 48/50
Design 9/10
Price 7/10
Contact: jgrmx.com, (877) 905-4769
JGRMX Adjustable Pullrod