Jeremy Martin had a good day at Round 4 of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship at High Point. The challenging conditions proved to not be a factor for the Geico Factory Connection Honda rider to take the top podium spot.

Jeremy’s longtime mechanic Richard Sterling takes a break after completing his bike build on Friday afternoon before AMA tech inspection.Photo by Rob Koy
Jeremy went to the far outside of the start straight to do his starts instead of on the muddy ripped track surface to duplicate the conditions they anticipated for Moto 1.Photo by Rob Koy
The first practice session was kind of a wash since the track conditions would get better in the 2nd session. Jeremy went out and tried different lines as it was his first time seeing the track changes at High Point since he did not come out on Friday to check it out.Photo by Rob Koy
Jeremy turned his best lap on lap 4 with a time of 2:20.078 for the 6th fastest time of the session. The track was too wet and muddy and the 250 machines struggled in the deep rutted turns.Photo by Rob Koy
Jeremy sat on a cooler in between the practice sessions as the team prepped for the 2nd timed session. Jeremy admitted that he was a little nervous with the new track changes but was not going to worry about it.Photo by Rob Koy
Richard washes the bike after the first practice session.Photo by Rob Koy
In the 2nd timed practice it took a few laps for Jeremy to start clicking off some good times. On the last lap Jeremy turned a 2:04.383 for the 4th fastest time. Here Richard gets on the radio to talk with the other spotters on the track to pass info to each other in efforts to find the right race lines to lower the laptime.Photo by Rob Koy
Jeremy was searching for the best line and maybe the drier line in the 2nd timed practice.Photo by Rob Koy
Jeremy got the Geico Factory Connection Honda out front in the first Moto with the hole shot.Photo by Rob Koy
Jeremy starts to pull away from the pack after turn three and over the tunnel jump into the rollers. Jeremy lead for the first 9 laps then Zach Osborne got by Jeremy on the tenth lap and pulled away. Jeremy admitted to arm pump in both the practice sessions and Moto 1 and had to concede to Zach’s speed. The team made a suspension change to smooth the suspension on the rough and choppy High Point track.Photo by Rob Koy
In Moto 2 Jeremy got a 3rd place start and moved into 2nd place in 3 laps to start working his way up to his brother Alex. Jeremy said he was impressed with Alex’s sprint speed off the start and he couldn’t match it. By the 7th lap Jeremy started to move in on Alex.Photo by Rob Koy
Richard encourages Jeremy to make his move.Photo by Rob Koy
Jeremy took an inside line off this jump and started his move on Alex and got by over the big triple on the backside of the track. Jeremy said he was faster in the middle tight section on the track and used that area to make his moves. He said it was fun racing Big Al today and looks forward to more battles this summer.Photo by Rob Koy
Martin takes the inside rut in turn three as he lead from lap 9 to the end. He said the track had many lines to race on and that made for a fun race.Photo by Rob Koy
Jeremy was consistently hitting the inside rut and clearing this double in the tight section of the track in Moto 2.Photo by Rob Koy
The track was rutted up by the end of Moto 2. here Jeremy finds a less deep rut.Photo by Rob Koy
Jeremy gets the checkered flag and the overall at High Point, going 2-1 for 1st place.Photo by Rob Koy
Jeremy cooling off on top of the podium. Jeremy said he is looking forward to a long hot summer battling with these top five guys week in and week out.Photo by Rob Koy
Podium pics are fun when your number one.Photo by Rob Koy
Jeremy on top of the podium for the first time this year. Jeremy admits to a rough Supercross season and rough start to the outdoors, but does not look worried being 18 point down to Osborne.Photo by Rob Koy
Richard takes the bike to AMA Tech inspection after the race. After that he will wash the bike and tear it down to the frame until next week were he will start the build process on Wednesday.Photo by Rob Koy