Jeff Emig On A Two-Stroke

Here is a quick chat with Jeff Emig after his partnership to Husqvarna

Jeff Emig recently announced that he will be Brand Ambassador for Husqvarna, a move that surprised some in the industry. Yet, in our opinion it makes perfect sense, especially since Kawasaki, who Jeff has long been associated with, now has Jeremy McGrath to carry the green torch. With Jeff’s credentials and credibility as a motocross championship and Husqvarna’s full line of four-stroke and two-stroke bikes, we see this a s good move all around.

Jeff Emig Husqvarna
Jeff is having a blast on the TC 250.Photo by Sean Klinger

How did the Husky deal go down?

The opportunity presented itself. Husqvarna is a brand that has a really forward thinking, pioneering image. The mindset of Husqvarna mirrors mine. Obviously they make great motorcycles but I think it is really cool that they offer a full line of bikes – two-strokes, four-strokes – all that. Combine that with the opportunity with the US Motorcycle Coaching Association (USMCA) which is a non-profit that has just been formed it all sort of worked out.

Jeff Emig Husqvarna
After riding four-strokes for years, Emig likes two-strokes more than he thought he would.Photo By Sean Klinger

Have you had a chance to ride all of the motocross models?

I’ve only ridden the 250 [four-stroke] and the 450 at the photo shoot and now I have this TC 250. I actually love it [250 two-stroke]! I wasn’t sure how I would like this getting back to a two-stroke but this thing is bone stock and so far so good. And, dude, I absolutely love it.

Jeff Emig Husqvarna motocross mx
Emig leaning the TC 250 into a corner.Photo By Sean Klinger

What do you think of two-strokes in motocross in general?

Well, I think the most significant model is the 125. I’m stoked that Husqvarna makes a 125 because I think that it is a critical model in our sport. It’s such an important unit size-wise, price-wise, for younger kids. It’s economical, and I think you’ll see the 125 class grow over the next few years even more so than what it is now.

Jeff Emig Husqvarna motocross mx
Jeff sending the smoker.Photo By Sean Klinger

Are you going to be representing Husqvarna on the off-road side as well?

You know me, I’m just a moto guy. I mean, I enjoy riding off road and dual sport stuff, but I’m a motocross guy at heart. Off-road isn’t an ambition of mine. I’ve got my hands full with Supercross and my own stuff. But, Husqvarna has those new off-road bikes that are out that look pretty sick and hopefully I’ll get invited on one of those trips and they’ll take care of it.

Jeff Emig Husqvarna motocross mx
Jeff still thinks the 125 two-stroke is a vital model for up and coming motocross racers.Photo By Sean Klinger