ISDE Day 2 Race Results & Report

Taylor Robert In First, Team USA Stretches Lead

It was another very good day for Team USA as the World Trophy Team stretched its lead by six seconds over Italy, and the Junior World Trophy Team advanced to third position from fourth place the day before. We spoke with Team USA’s Team Manager Antti Kallonen, who was upbeat and happy with the teams. The US World Trophy team now leads by 32 seconds, and put about 35 more seconds on Great Britain, ten more seconds on host country Spain, and about two and a half minutes more on fifth place team Portugal. As for the Junior team’s scorecard, they now sit in 39 seconds out of the lead Junior team of Sweden, and 24 seconds behind the second place Junior team, Spain.

Taylor Robert charging
Taylor Robert kicks up some dust. It won't be dusty on Day 3 thanks to rain that stated falling at the end of Day 2.Photo by Pete Peterson

The clouds sprinkled very slightly through the day, not even enough to keep the dust out of the air, but as the Trophy Teams were finishing up a steady but light rain began – yes, it fell gently on the plains in Spain. As the sun sets the rain is remaining steady, to tomorrow’s course, already a different loop with two different tests, will surely have different conditions to them.

Taylor Robert Cross Test
Taylor Robert near the beginning of the Cross Test, on the second pass through. The riders will have new Tests on tomorrow's loop.Photo by Pete Peterson

Taylor Robert had a great day, finishing second overall on the day, but with the days combined he is now the top rider in the event, with a lead of .68 seconds over Josep Garcia Montana of Spain, who is a Junior World Trophy rider and who won Day 2’s overall.

Kailub Russell
Kailub Russell started the day feeling good but a crash threw him off a bit. Here he stays low off of a steep drop on the Enduro Test.Photo by Pete Peterson

Kailub Russell felt he started the day strong, but crashed at the end of the first test of lap two and didn’t feel good for the rest of it. He sits fifth overall in the individual standings, a drop from second overall yesterday. He had a fairly high speed wash out in a corner in the Enduro test and his shoulder was sore from it, but he’s more determined than down and very ready for Day 3 to start.

Thad DuVall
Thad DuVall drops toward the finish line on the first time around the Enduro Test on Day 2.Photo by Pete Peterson

Thad DuVall had fun on the 300cc two-stroke on Day 1 but wasn’t feeling as connected with it today and didn’t feel comfortable pushing his pace. He also likely smoked a clutch, but he changed that at a service check. Thad went from 15th to 19th in the overall individual standings.

Layne Michael
Layne Michael had a good day today. Here he charges near the end of the Enduro Test.Photo by Pete Peterson

Layne Michael was the most improved rider from Day 1 to Day 2. His times were great all day, and he only had one crash (he had three yesterday), which happened five corners from the end of Test 5, the Enduro test with tough ruts and a challenging hill that the riders are happy to not see again. Layne, like many riders, struggled with this test both days. Layne now sits 25th overall, an improvement from Day 1 where he ended the day in 41st.

Stu Baylor
Stu Baylor is the top US Rider on the Junior Trophy team.Photo by Pete Peterson

Stu Baylor is leading the US Junior World Trophy Team and now sits in third in the Junior World Trophy individual standings. He said he felt off early on but things started clicking in the second half of the day. He applied the ‘slow down to go fast,’ rule and concentrated on slowing enough and getting set up in the corners to hit his lines.

Grant Baylor
Grant Baylor made some suspension changes between days. Here he is hauling around a high speed sweeper in the Enduro Test.Photo by Pete Peterson

Grant Baylor wasn’t happy with his Day 1 performance so was feeling better about how he rode today. He made some suspension changes that he was happy with, as evidenced by his 15th place in the third test (the first time through the Extreme Test). He also had zero crashes on the day. He’s getting over a cold but all things are going in a good direction for Grant. He now sits 31st overall.

Trevor Bollinger
Trevor Bollinger gets into a rocky corner on the Cross test on Day 2.Photo by Pete Peterson

Trevor Bollinger, in his second ISDE (he was on the Junior World Trophy team in Argentina), said he didn’t especially feel he had a great day and felt he was making a lot of little mistakes; but he had no crashes and is looking forward to rain bringing the conditions more into line with what he’s used to racing back East in the US. He now sits in 35th overall after sitting in 34th after Day 1.

Tarah Gieger
The Women's team is in the top five. This photo of Tarah Gieger is from Day 1, actually, in the Extreme Test.Photo by Pete Peterson

The US Women’s World Trophy team dropped from fourth to fifth, letting Sweden get past them, but by only about 16 seconds. The Women’s division still allows each team to drop its lowest score on each day, but so far all of the top five teams have all three riders still in the event.

Josh Toth
Josh Toth is a Club rider having a great event. Here he is on Day 1 in the Extreme Test. Riders rode the same loop and tests on Day 1 and 2, and will get a new loop and tests that will be ridden on both Day 3 and Day 4.Photo by Pete Peterson

And we got another update on the Club teams from Jubal Brown, who raced the Club division last year but is in a support role in Spain – California’s JT Baker was in excellent form yesterday and finished the day 11th in C2. He came out guns-a-blazing in the first test, got a little over-anxious, and laid it down. After that, JT slowed it down to go faster and enjoyed a pretty drama-free day after that. His strategy paid off; JT still finds himself in 11th at the end of Day 2. Joey Fiasconaro is one of the few riders to have had 0 crashes in the first two days, but he did get a little stuck on the Berbinzana hill. “Those course workers are strong! They had some helpers on the hill today to keep bottlenecks from forming, and they grabbed a hold of my front wheel when my bike started to slow down and almost ripped it out from under me!” Joey was 8th in C3 on Day 1, and is still in the top 10 going into the third day. Alex Dorsey’s tests went well except for a small crash in Test 1 and getting stuck on the hill once in Berbinzana. What was the craziest part of Alex’s day? The work period in the paddock at the end of the day: “All of the US club riders were in the work area at once tonight; there were like 15 of us in there all at the same time! The US support crew did a great job of getting us what we needed, making sure we had room and tools to work, and kept us from running over each other on the way in and out.” Alex was 9th in the C3 standings today. Kale Elsworthy moved up substantially in the C2 standings from 22nd to 13th. He, “got stuck in a silt hole in a transfer section for a little bit. I didn’t think anything of it, but all of a sudden my bike just stopped. I had to stand it straight up and just pin-it to get it out, and this was right in the middle of a dirt road!”

Thad DuVall on the Enduro Test
Thad DuVall splashes into fine silt dust on the Enduro Test. The splashes will be wetter on Day 3 after a night of rain.Photo by Pete Peterson

For now, the rain is still coming down; weather reports show it through the night, then clear tomorrow during the day, and rain again Thursday night. Tomorrow is a new loop with new tests, and the dirt conditions will be wildly different from what the riders have been facing. The US World Trophy Team is firing on all cylinders and having a great event, so send good thoughts and check back here at for updates each day.


  1. USA
  2. Italy +32:38
  3. Great Britain +1:33.13
  4. Spain +1:46.21
  5. Portugal +5:47.84


  1. Sweden
  2. Spain +15:32
  3. USA +39.60
  4. Italy +2:29.55
  5. France +3:37.96


  1. Australia
  2. Spain +2:01.69
  3. Germany +9:39.63
  4. Sweden +12:34.90
  5. USA +12:51.78