ISDE Day 2 Photos

US Trophy Team Extends Lead In Spain

The US World Trophy Team extended its lead to around 32 second over the Italians, while the US Junior Trophy Team maintained its fourth overall status. Here's a look at the event from the lens of photographer Shan Moore.

Thad DuVall, ISDE 2016
Thad DuVall leaves a dust trail as he transfers from the cross test to the service area on lap one of today's event.Photo By Shan Moore
Oscar Balletti, ISDE Spain 2016
Italy's Oscar Balletti takes a leap of faith in today's Enduro test.Photo By Shan Moore
Jonathon Barragan, ISDE Spain 2016
Spaniard Jonathon Barragan was 11th overall for the day and helped Team Spain to fourth in the Trophy Team status after two days of competition.Photo By Shan Moore
Jamie McCanney, ISDE Spain 2016
British World Trophy Team rider Jamie McCanney transfers through one of the small Spanish villages on his way to the Enduro test on Day Two.Photo By Shan Moore
Trevor Bollinger, Spain ISDE
US Junior Trophy Team rider Trevor Bollinger felt he rode better yesterday but his results improved from yesterday to today as the US Junior Squad sits fourth, but just six seconds out of second place in the overall standings.Photo By Shan Moore
Taylor Robert, Spain ISDE
US World Trophy Team member Taylor Robert took control of the overall individual standings in addition to sitting first in the E2 division.Photo By Shan Moore
Layne Michael ISDE 2016
Layne Michael said he felt much more comfortable with the terrain today compered to yesterday's event.Photo By Shan Moore
Kailub Russell, ISDE Spain 2016
Kailub Russell transfers through a small village between one of the service areas and the Enduro Test.Photo By Shan Moore
Grant Baylor, Spain ISDE 2016
Grant Baylor had a much improved day compared to Day One and credited the difference to a few suspension tweaks this morning.Photo By Shan Moore
Josep Garcia, ISDE Spain 2016
Spanish Junior Trophy Team rider Josep Garcia was top overall rider on Day Two and sits second overall in the individual standings behind Taylor Robert.Photo By Shan Moore
Steward Baylor, ISDE Spain 2016
Steward Baylor was 14th overall in today's competition and third Junior rider.Photo By Shan Moore