ISDE Day 1 Update: US World Trophy Team Out

Thad DuVall Breaks Wrist In First Test

Due to Thad DuVall's injury, the US World Trophy Team is virtually out of the running for ISDE.Shan Moore

Today was a bad day for the US ISDE effort. US World Trophy Team member Thad DuVall went down near the end of the first test of the day and injured his wrist. Though he continued to ride the 50-some kilometer transfer, when he got to the next test the pain was too much to continue.

Thad had his wrist evaluated at the track and then x-rayed later, and was told he needed to see a specialist.

This virtually puts the US World Trophy Team out of the running, although Taylor Robert, Kailub Russell and Ryan Sipes can continue to compete for individual honors, and after one day, Taylor is sitting third, about 8 seconds out of the lead.