ISDE Day 1 Photos

Team USA In Good Shape After Day 1

Day One is in the books and Team USA is in good shape, with World Trophy Team riders Kailub Russell and Taylor Robert battling for the lead in the E2 class, with Thad DuVall and Layne Michael turning in good rides in the E3 and E1 divisions. Steward Baylor, Grant Baylor and Trevor Bollinger are holding their own in the Junior Trophy division, as well. Here's a look at the day's event in photos.

Kailub Russell, ISDE Spain 2016
Although the results aren't official, Kailub Russell was holding the provisional lead in the E2 division, though he was being pushed hard by teammate Taylor Robert for the top spot.Photo By Shan Moore
Giacomo Redondi, ISDE Spain 2016
Giacomo Redondi is leading a hard charge by the Italian team, which battled back and forth all day with Team USA for the lead in the World Trophy division.Photo By Shan Moore
Thad DuVall, ISDE Spain 2016
US E3 rider Thad DuVall turned in some great rides, despite having to change out a rear brake assembly between the first and second laps.Photo By Shan Moore
Layne Michael, ISDE Spain 2016
Layne Michael was a member of the US Junior Trophy Team last year in Slovakia, but he fell in the first test and broke his wrist. This year, the E1 rider finished a full day with some excellent rides.Photo By Shan Moore
Ivan Cervantes, ISDE Spain 2016
Ivan Cervantes rode the E3 class for the host Spanish team.Photo By Shan Moore
Tara Geiger, ISDE Spain 2016
Tara Geiger was riding her first ISDE and told us that she spent the last two weeks doing sprint drills.Photo By Shan Moore
Nicole Bradford, ISDE Spain 2016
Nicole Bradford gets off to a good start in the opening test of the day.Photo By Shan Moore
Trevor Bollinger, ISDE Spain 2016
US Junior Trophy rider Trevor Bollinger is fresh off winning the GNCC XC2 championship.Photo By Shan Moore
Rachel Gutish, ISDE Spain 2016
Rachel Gutish exits a berm in the cross test on lap one.Photo By Shan Moore
Daniel McCanney, ISDE Spain 2016
British rider Daniel McCanney gets some air in the cross test.Photo By Shan Moore
Layne Michael ISDE 2016
Layne Michael changes rear tires during the work period at the end of the day.Photo By Shan Moore