A PR was just released about Ryan Dungey missing this year’s Lucas Oil Pro MX Nationals. The PR states that he has a knee injury, but could it be that he has a knee injury and maybe a whole lot of burnout? Now, before we all start chastising him and lighting up the message boards typing random speculations or wondering what the deal is, we need to think about how long Ryan has been grinding out tons of motos, putting endless miles on the bicycle, dripping tons of sweat in the gym and logging thousands of frequent flyer miles racing his dirt bike all over the world. Wouldn’t you be a little tired too? His neck injury last season at Colorado also could be weighing on him as well. However Ryan decides to go out of the sport, whether it be now, next year or whenever, we should all just be thankful we got to watch him do battle with some of the best the sport has seen.

Ryan finished second at St. Louis. He finished in second place six times in 2017.Photo by Brown Dog Wilson

What some fans might not understand is the mental capacity (not just physical strength) it takes to ride and race at Ryan’s level. Not to mention the invigorating training regimen Aldon Baker has put in place to build champions. It doesn’t leave much room for relaxation, if you want to be the best. Think of it this way. Your boss is pressuring and pushing you every single day to be better than the person you are sitting next to at the office. If you do not perform and are not better than your co-worker on any given week your pay will suffer! Or you might even lose your job? Could you imagine that pressure day in and day out competing? I am in awe of how all of these guy’s, not just Ryan handle all of this pressure on a daily basis. Maybe that’s why I am typing about Ryan and not racing at his level.

Ryan placed fourth in Dallas, one of the only four times in 2017 he didn’t make the podium. Each time off the podium he finished in fourth place.Photo by Brown Dog Wilson

Ryan’s two brothers both have kids and I am sure he wants to have a family soon as well. Not everyone is like a Chad Reed or a Kevin Windham and wants to race until their mid 30’s. It’s his decision and let’s all respect that decision. Let’s look forward to a great summer of racing with all the other 40 riders that will be giving it their all to beat the guy next to them.

A win at the second to last round, in New Jersey, put him back in the points lead by nine points.Photo by Brown Dog Wilson

Congrats Ryan Dungey on a hard earned 2017 450 Supercross Championship and heck of a Hall Of Fame career. Enjoy the fruits of your labor this summer with your family. You deserve it. —Kris

Official Press Release from KTM:

Ryan Dungey had three Supercross victories in the 2017 season. Here he lights the torches in Atlanta.Photo by Brown Dog Wilson
Ryan had to work for his fourth at Daytona.Photo by Brown Dog Wilson