Pro Wrenching Tip—DIY Radiator Guards

Keep your radiators debris-free with this inexpensive modification.

Radiators serve an important function on a dirt bike in preventing its engine from overheating. Anything that impedes airflow to the radiator can cause big problems, and there are many options out there for keeping radiators free of debris and maintaining coolant circulation through the engine. Coastal GasGas Factory Racing mechanic Donny Kelley has come up with his own system that is both inexpensive and extremely functional.

This radiator guard is super easy to build and very effective. It’s made of gutter guard, which is available at most hardware stores and can be fashioned to fit on the front of dirt bike radiators to deflect debris that might restrict airflow.Shan Moore

“This is something anyone can build because it’s gutter guard material, which you can get at Menards or Lowes, that is cut down to size,” Kelley said. “I drill some holes and mount it with zip-ties, and it keeps leaves and sticks from getting to the radiator and restricting airflow. I mount it so it bows out in the middle so it will deflect mud and other undesirable material off to the side, which could cause an overheating issue.”

Donny Kelley is Ryder Lafferty’s mechanic on the Coastal GasGas Factory Racing team.Shan Moore