Parking your dirt bike between motos at the track, in your garage when you're done riding, and everywhere in between is something that every rider has to do. There are a few different designs of bike stands that can get the job done including standard stands, lift stands, and triangles. Triangles are the easiest to use as they don't require any lifting, but standard stands and lift stands are necessary to get one or both wheels off the ground for maintenance tasks such as changing a tire. Lift stands make it easier to get the wheels up, but they're not always as sturdy as a standard stand and usually offer less space on the top as well.

Whatever type of stand you prefer to use, check out these 11 dirt bike stands, some of which are made of aluminum, others of steel, and some of plastic. Many of these stands are offered in various colors too. Here at Dirt Rider, we primarily use Works Connection’s Factory 4 Stand as it’s sturdy, has a removable tool tray, and the top offers lots of room at 12 x 12 inches. The Factory 4 Stand comes in either black or white powdercoated finishes with plenty of decal color options including blue, red, green, yellow, orange, and gray.

Works Connection Factory 4 Stand

The Works Connection Factory 4 Stand is Dirt Rider's go-to stand for bike intros and whenever we're riding or testing. It comes in a black or white powdercoat over 5052 and 6063 aluminum construction.Works Connection

A2 Aluminum Stand

The A2 Aluminum Stand is Matrix Concepts' most expensive standard stand with a retail price of $129.95. It is made of 1.25-inch 6063 aircraft-quality tubing.Matrix Concepts

C1 Carbon Steel Stand

The Matrix Concepts C1 Carbon Steel Stand is offered in seven colors including black, white, blue, green, orange, yellow, and red, with a 10 x 10-inch top.Matrix Concepts

M64 Elite Stand

The Matrix Concepts M64 Elite Stand is made of plastic and weighs a claimed 10 pounds.Matrix Concepts

Polisport Motorcycle Stand

The Polisport Motorcycle Stand can be folded up for transportation.Polisport

Easy Lift & Lower Stand

The BikeMaster Easy Lift & Lower Stand weighs a claimed 15.1 pounds.BikeMaster

P12 Adjustable Lift Stand

The Motorsport Products P12 Adjustable Lift Stand allows for the adjustment of 11 height positions: from 9.5 inches to 14.5 inches tall.Motorsport Products

Polisport Lift Bike Stand

The Polisport Lift Bike Stand is the first plastic lift stand put into mass production.Polisport

RR1 Ride-On Full-Size Motocross Lift Stand

Risk Racing's RR1 Ride-On Full-Size Motocross Lift Stand offers a unique design to get the wheels off the ground.Risk Racing

Excel Universal Triangle Motorcycle Stand

The Excel Universal Triangle Motorcycle Stand is constructed of zinc-coated steel and fits in the axle of just about any dirt bike.Excel

Polisport Tripod Multi-Fit Triangle Bike Stand

The Polisport Tripod Multi-Fit Triangle Bike Stand is a plastic triangle stand that folds closed.Polisport