Help Keep Mountain Springs Road Open

Sign the petition to keep this public road open to the public

If you support "keeping public roads open to the public", please sign this petition to help keep Mountain Springs Road to Furnace-Pilot Road (aka county road #1044 North End Road) section of the #DBBB open! This is a county road, important public passage, and a valuable resource! There is already gathered almost 700 signatures but we need your help to reach our goal over 1,000 and make sure our voices are heard.

Help keep Mountain Springs Road to Furnace-Pilot Road open to the public by signing the petition here.Image Courtesy of

Private land owners want to block this route which could:

  • land lock other private land owners in the area.
  • close an officially named and numbered historic road that has seen unimpeded use since before records were recorded.
  • impair emergency responders ability to evacuate medical emergencies and firefighter's ability to fight forest fires.
  • decrease tourism revenue to local economies.

Sign the petition here and make your voice heard.