Great Motocross Goggles For Your Next Ride

You can see clearly now, the mud is gone.

Motocross goggles are a great defense from dirt, mud, bugs, and debris that could fly into your eyes when you ride.Jeff Allen

You can see clearly now the mud is gone, you can see all the obstacles in your way! Motocross goggles are there to protect your eyes from any debris that could come from the trails, the dirt bike riders in front of you, or any of the bugs that may be taking shots at the bull’s-eyes that are your cornea. Don’t let the debris from the trail sideline you from your ride; get yourself some goggles that protect you from the elements. With all sorts of sizes, colorways, and designs, you are bound to find something that fits both your budget and your personal flair.

Oakley O-Frame MX Goggles

Keep your eyes free from dirt, mud, and water with the jet black frame and dark gray lens combo.Amazon

If you prefer your goggles void of color, but still want a quality goggle, then these O-Frame motocross goggles are for you. These have an antifog, anti-scratch, and impact-resistant Lexan lens. Moisture-wicking, triple-layer foam will keep the sweat from your eyes so you can see straight ahead and out of the maximized peripheral view. It is claimed to have 100 percent UV filtering and has undergone two tests: one of which consists of a stainless steel ball traveling 102 mph and the other of a 500-gram cone dropped down from a height of 50 inches. How's that for protection?

100% Strata Mercury Goggles

See and be seen with the hi-vis goggles and mercury-toned lens.Amazon

Stand out from the competition with these hi-vis 100% Strata goggles. The foam will keep the sweat out of your eyes while providing a comfortable fit. Fog and scratches are no more. The Lexan mercury-toned lens is antifog and scratch-resistant, and complete with tear off pins so you can clear your mud-caked goggles quickly with a yank on the tear off.

Scott Prospect Goggles

Your friends will be green with envy when they see you decked in this green-lens flagship from Scott.Amazon

With more than 45 years of experience, Scott has some great goggles in its lineup. Take the flagship Prospect goggles, for example. The lens lock system contributes to greater impact resistance because no matter the impact, this system ensures the lens isn't popping out. You can also credit this system with the capability to swap lenses out in seconds. The larger lens and thin frame keep the goggle close, but allows for great field-of-view protection. Pivoting outriggers adapt to any helmet shape and seals the deal to your face while the multi-layer foam soaks up those pesky beads of sweat.

Fox Racing Vue Goggle

Perhaps more expensive than the competition, but at least you will look like a battle-ready stormtrooper in these Fox Racing goggles.Amazon

Designed with motocross superstar Ken Roczen, these Fox Racing Vue motocross goggles will have you looking like a pro. Tear offs are included, so you will be race-ready and poised to quickly remove the obstructing gunk and dust. If you need to swap out your lens, this goggle is equipped with an outrigger locking system to make that replacement easy. Keep the goggles secure with the 45mm strap with backing silicone stripe. The wide view port allows for great peripheral vision so you can see the finish line in all of its glory.