Phone calls, meetings, training classes, working lunches: we have all done them. After a long and crazy work week, sometimes an adventure is needed. The word Adventure has various meanings. One that I like in particular is: "participation in exciting undertakings." Fishing and riding is an adventure. Often times the exciting undertaking doesn’t go as planned. This episode of Gone Fishing was supposed to be about fishing.

We just wanted to get out and go fishing at a local lake. Eric our fishing guru couldn’t make this trip, but I wanted to try out my Eagle Claw Pack It collapsible rod and reel combo I picked up at a big box store for $20. I grabbed some supplies out of my tackle box and threw them into a small box, packed up some bait, and loaded everything, including my DSLR with two lenses into my backpack.

Our route was a simple one. About 20 miles from my house is a great outdoor combo: Saguaro Lake and The Rolls OHV Area. Both are accessed via an easy, 45 MPH limit, scenic road. Our goal was to access the lake via the Rolls. There are many marked two track and jeep roads that lead to coves where you can camp, fish, and swim. I hadn’t been on the trails in this part of the Rolls for a long time. Most of the trails and jeep roads are unmaintained, rocky and rutted. However, some of the trails are fun flowing two track that are a blast to ride. We took one of the jeep roads that led out to an outcropping with coves on both sides and a 15-20 foot drop at the end. You could fish off the end and both sides of this outcropping. We thought it was a great spot.

Gone Fishing | Dual Sport Adventures | Part 3
Perfect drop off to fish from, so we thought.Photo by Bob Theobald
Gone Fishing | Dual Sport Adventures | Part 3
Coves on both sides of the point made for a cool area. Zoom in close and you can see the campers on the beach in the cove.Photo by Bob Theobald

We arrived a little later in the morning that we wanted, but Travis and I unpacked our portable fishing gear and started casting off the big drop off. We tried different baits, different hook depths, Bobbers, lures, and different spots on each side: All with no luck. We were not helped by the fact that shortly after we started, the traffic on the lake started to pick up and ski boats were coming in near where we were fishing. One ski boat stopped so they could swim over to where we were fishing and started jumping off the big drop off. I thought about doing the same as it looked like fun. So, instead of getting frustrated and grumpy about the lack of fishing, we decided it was time to go and we would turn our fishing trip into a trail riding session and go hit some of our favorite trails at the Rolls.

Gone Fishing | Dual Sport Adventures | Part 3
Eagle Claw compact combo worked decent and was easy to pack. The Spiderman box held some hooks and everything else went into a zip lock bag.Photo by Bob Theobald

We packed up our fishing gear and headed out. The Rolls is a fun place to ride. It is a busy OHV area, but a fun one. It was a gorgeous day, and we were enjoying the trails so much, we only stopped for a few pictures.

Gone Fishing | Dual Sport Adventures | Part 3
Trying out a different spot. No luck.Photo by Bob Theobald

The fishing didn’t work out as planned; however, we participated in an exciting undertaking. We had a great time riding the rocky trails, sand washes, and flowing two track. On the way back, we stopped at our favorite post ride Mexican food joint, Senor Taco, and got our "Catch of the Day," some really good beer battered fish tacos.

Gone Fishing | Dual Sport Adventures | Part 3
After the ski boat in the background showed up, it was time to turn the fishing trip into a trail ride.Photo by Bob Theobald

Our goal is to ride, fish, and have an adventure as friends, then share that adventure with you. Even though we are 0 for 3 on catching fish, we are 3 for 3 on the fun factor. These first three adventures have just been warm up rides. Keep on the lookout, as more riding, fishing, and hopefully catching are to come from amazing areas in the Southwest.

Gone Fishing | Dual Sport Adventures | Part 3
No explanation necessary. Great day for a trail ride.Photo by Bob Theobald
Gone Fishing | Dual Sport Adventures | Part 3
Many of the hills are much steeper than they appear on the camera.Photo by Bob Theobald
Gone Fishing | Dual Sport Adventures | Part 3
Gorgeous desert scenery with trails leading to and from the lake.Photo by Bob Theobald

Lessons Learned:

  1. Fishing on a lake where there are a lot of recreational watercraft zipping around doesn't work too well.
  2. The inexpensive collapsible fishing rod has more performance that I have skills for fishing.
  3. "There's a reason it's called fishing, and not catching."
  4. I was able to fit the compact rod/reel combo into my backpack without issues, along with my other standard gear.
  5. A good ride always helps to clear the mind from a long week at work.
  6. Fish Tacos are always a good substitution for the real thing.
Gone Fishing | Dual Sport Adventures | Part 3
When we ride at the Rolls, this is a mandatory post ride stop.Photo by Bob Theobald
Gone Fishing | Dual Sport Adventures | Part 3
Our "Catch of the Day." And it was a good catch.Photo by Bob Theobald