FunnelWeb Filter - Product of the Week

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$49.95 for most modern bikes

This week we are taking a look at a unique style of foam air filter called the FunnelWeb Filter. Since we forgot all of our geometry after high school, can’t authoritatively confirm or deny the products claims, but it all seems to be sound logic.

Basically, the pyramid-shaped outer edge of the filter doubles the filter’s surface area without adding much material. Therefore, the idea is that with more surface area, the better the filter will perform and the more dust the filter can handle. The FunnelWeb Filter hails from Australia, and claims to have been tested by the Australian KTM teams in the extremely dry and dusty conditions typical of the land down under. Also, instead of the standard foam sealing area, the FunnelWeb has a urethane seal that should last longer and seal more securely.

Well, that's about it since it is just an air filter but we are excited to see new and novel ways of designing old products. We'll soon have one of these guys on a test bike and we'll make sure to blast through as much dust, silt, and dry dirt as possible. Check the pages of an upcoming Dirt Rider for the full test.