FunnelWeb Filter Full Test - Product Of The Week

A new kind of air filter for your dirt bike

FunnelWeb Motorcycle Air Filter
FunnelWeb FilterPhoto by Sean Klinger
Clean air filter
New air filter fresh out of the bag.Photo By Sean Klinger
Dirty air filter
This filter is really caked with dust. There is very little of the original yellow foam visible.Photo By Sean Klinger
Inside of dirty air filter
There is almost zero dirt or dust on the inside of the unwashed, still-super-dusty air filter.Photo By Sean Klinger

Air Filter for 2015 YZ250: $49.95

A few months back we showed you the FunnelWeb Filter as a new product. Well, we’ve been putting it through the paces and it isn’t new to us any more. Check out this full review.

Installation was a total breeze. Slip the filter over the cage and the rubber seal ensures that there will be a flush seal against the airbox. The rubber alignment tab is very nice touch as well, to be honest I always have a slight fear that when I go to pull the standard foam “tabs” found on almost all other filters, I always think I’m going to tear it. The rubber tab is nice, durable and keeps the filter in place.

Without putting the bike on a dyno, whether HP numbers went up or down were not noticeable. However you can clearly see that this is a much denser filter than most “race” dual foam filters. No doubt the denser foam creates air flow restriction but it also prohibits the passage of dirt and dust extremely well. The rubber seal and denser foam does make the filter heavier than other filters, but the peace of mind it brings should outweigh the weight for the majority of riders. As you can see in the photos, I rode a few really dusty days! Having seen pictures on FunnelWebs website of filthy filters cut in half and clean on the inside, I had to test it out. After 4 days of riding in dry Southern California the outside was almost completely brown, while the inside was a yellow as the day it came out of the package. Great filtering.

I feel this is worth a slight mention. It does take a bit more time cleaning due to all the nooks and crannies of the surface texture. Each time I was moderately careful as to not be too aggressive and rip or tear any of the spikes, it’s not hard, just something I tried to stay conscious of. After a few washes the foam, the rubber seal and the glues used in the foam have all held together very well and show no wear.

I’m no scientist but the logic seems easy enough, more surface area means more dirt can be captured. Simple enough. The best thing I liked about the filter, hands down, was the rubber seal and alignment tab. When using filter grease, I’ve ripped a few filters in the past when they stick too well to the airbox, that doesn’t seam possible with the durable rubber seal .

For a weekend rider or especially an offroad rider who is in constant dusty conditions, I think it’s a great buy. For the racer looking to get every gram of weight off his bike and bit of power out of the engine, other filters may do the job a bit better. But let’s be honest, if you’re not investing in a full Ti Exhaust, drilling out all your washers or de-sleeving all your cables, you’re probably not that worried about weight.

Rated 88
Installation 19/20
Function 47/50
Durability 8/10
Design 8/10
Price 6/10