Fresh Dirt | Vertex Pistons, olloclip, Mika Metals, Moose Racing

A couple of cool new off-road and motocross products that we've got our paws on.

Vertex Piston Four-Stroke Piston Kit

Vertex Piston
Vertex Piston Four-Stroke Piston KitPhoto By Sean Klinger

A fresh piston can liven up any bike, especially a 250F. Here we have a Vertex Piston Kit for a CRF250R with rings, wrist pin, and circlips. Vertex pistons utilize a Molybdenum Disulphide (MOS2) coating on the piston skirt to lower friction and aid in break-in time. Make sure, if you decide to get a fresh piston that you get top end gaskets since you will be tossing the stock gaskets. Also, make sure to have a pretty good grasp of four-stroke technology before attempting a piston swap. Vertex supplies really good instructions but they won’t put the piston in for you.

olloclip Active Lens

olloclip Active LensPhoto By Sean Klinger

We use our phones for more than just calling home on the holidays. With the cameras on smart phones becoming incredibly powerful, olloclip started making lenses just like you would use on a camera. The double sided clip featured here has two lenses, a 2x Telephoto and a Ultra-Wide Angle, and this combo is called the active lens. olloclip also makes a Fisheye, Macro 10x, Macro 15x, and a Wide-Angle. Since a lot of the photos you see on social media (even Dirt Rider, shhh) are taken on our phones having some better “camera” equipment can make a good photo great.

Mika Metals Front and Rear Sprockets

Front Sprocket - Buy It Now!
Rear Sprocket - Buy It Now!
Photo By Sean Klinger

Aluminum sprockets are pretty standard these days for motocross racing. Here we have a Mika steel front sprocket and an aluminum rear. The rear sprocket is made from T6 7075 aluminum and has grooves that are claimed to be for self-cleaning. While aluminum is common for motocross and supercross, it does come at a cost. Though it is typically the lightest option available, it tends to wear faster than steel. Yet, a steel sprockets are typically much heavier than their aluminum counterparts. It’s really up to you what you value more – weight or durability.

Moose Racing 2017 M1 Gear Set

mooseracing.comPhoto By Sean Klinger

We are going to be honest, Moose isn’t known as the most fashion forward gear out there, but in our experience some sets that we’ve had have lasted us way longer than expected and have been very feature heavy for the price. This set of M1 gear is destined for a photo model at a 2017 new bike introduction so we haven’t worn it yet, but it is their mid-priced gear and is semi vented where the premium Sahara gear is fully vented. We’ve had great luck with the Sahara line and look forward to the 2017 versions that should be coming out in July.