FRESH DIRT | MOTO STUFF, Sidi Boots, Thor, ProTaper, Fly Racing

A few of the cool new products we are working with this week

MOTO STUFF Pro Pegs Titanium Footpegs: $268

motostuff.comPhoto By Kris Keefer

Footpegs seem to be in that sweet spot for titanium replacement. They are big enough to make a good dent in the overall weight of a bike, they are simple enough to produce, and they are not so huge that they become cost prohibitive. MOTO STUFF offers these Pro Pegs made of aerospace grade titanium and only weigh 350 gr/set, which is about 0.77 pounds for both pegs. Plus, unlike other ti pegs, these have 30 teeth per peg to offer a ton of grip. While we haven’t ridden with these yet, we know from experience that super hard and sharp foot pegs can absolutely devour boot soles like saplings in a wood chipper. And they aren’t cheap, so they should be pretty low on your priority list as far as mods go.

Sidi Crossfire 2 SR Black and Red: $575

motonation.comPhoto By Sean Klinger

Boots are a very personal choice for off-road and moto riders, with good reason – everyone has a different shaped foot, different riding style, different injuries, and different preferences. But when you talk about top tier boots, Sidi is always in consideration. The Crossfire 2 SR boots have been on the feet of champion-level riders and have earned excellent reviews in their own right. We’ve just concluded our boot personality test where, without ranking the boots, we discussed each pair’s strengths and weaknesses. From all testers involved, there were very few, if any, weaknesses mentioned about the Crossfire 2 SR. The only point that was made that wasn’t positive was that they are on the narrow fitting side and if you have a wide foot, the Crossfire 2 TA (stitched sole) is a better fit and retains all of the other features we liked on the SR. Here we have a newer colorway that is pretty cool, and if you’ve never looked at all of the color options, it would behoove you to check them out.

Thor 2017 Invert Glove: $24.95

thormx.comPhoto By Sean Klinger

There is no denying that these gloves look sort of funny. But when you get past superficial aesthetics, having the stitching on the outside actually makes a lot of sense. With the seams outside the gloves there is no way to feel them on the inside, which is an annoyance to many riders. We’ve slipped them on and they feel as advertised – super smooth and seamless on our fingers and at our fingernails. If you are a rider who prefers minimalistic gloves but is irked by seams between your fingers, these might be must have hand wraps.

ProTaper 1/3 Waffle Grips: $10.99

protaper.comPhoto By Sean Klinger

While walking through the pro pits at Supercross and Motocross races, we’ve seen every kind of grip set up imaginable. It is almost as if professional riders are allergic to stock grips. We’ve seen full waffles with all the waffles cut off, some with halve the waffles cut off, half waffles with a half of the half cut off and many more. But now, here is a grip with a 1/3 waffle pattern that puts the grid of waffle just at your fingers and not your palms. According to ProTaper, and confirmed by us, this is one of the more popular waffle configurations in the pro pits. Now, you can feel factory (literally) without having to bust out the razor blade. With all this waffle talk, who’s hungry?

Fly Racing XC100 Hydro Pack: $99.95

flyracing.comPhoto By Sean Klinger

Two liters of water storage isn’t the biggest hydro pack we’ve seen but it is a pretty good amount for a moderate, all day ride. This isn’t so much for racing, since it has many pockets and storage areas for non-race-essential items like keys, a cell phone, tools, and an outer mesh “carry all” flap that can hold a jacket or even bike parts that fall off during the ride. We’ve had a skid plate bust off the bottom of a test bike and rather than leave a big chunk of litter out on the trail, we had a similar hydro pack that we used to carry it back to the truck. Carry in, Carry out!