Fox Racing Limited Edition FlexAir Copper Moth Pant And Jersey Review

Fox changes the already-great FlexAir pant and jersey

This article was originally published in the July 2017 issue of Dirt Rider.

fox racing
Limited Edition FlexAir Copper Moth Pant And Jersey
$229.95 pant, $99.95 jersey
Kris Keefer

Fox's top-tier FlexAir line of gear has been in existence for two years now, but the company recently introduced its Limited Edition Copper Moth set with a redesigned pant and jersey. The new "2.0" Copper Moth FlexAir pant has an entirely new chassis, which includes a new knee design that removes some material for a sleeker fit. There is an updated two-piece rigid waistband and closure system along with the removal of the liner to try and decrease weight and heat. The updated FlexAir jersey has a new bonded cuff along with a TRUDRI fabric blend to keep weight low and breathability high.

After wearing the updated Copper Moth FlexAir pant and jersey for a while you can definitely notice how much lighter it is compared to the standard FlexAir. No longer does the pant have that pointed extra material that sticks out from the knee area. The Copper Moth pant fits more snugly over the knee brace/knee area but remains super stretchy and allows you to move around on the bike as well as, if not better than, before. The new closure system is almost like having a belt around your waist with the two-piece design. When you cinch down on the buckle it feels like the waist area is more secure to your hips and hugs your waist better. Seat-bouncing jumps with the standard FlexAir pant sometimes led to my pants pulling down and my jersey untucking, but with the new closure system my jersey stayed tucked in and the Copper Moth pant didn't slip down as much. The taped seams inside the pant are a nice feature, as I do not feel any snags when putting on the pant.

I have worn the updated FlexAir pant on many long test days, and it has held up very well under a fairly decent amount of use. The knee area has shown signs of wear, but no holes or tears are anywhere to be seen. Going back and forth from the standard pant to the updated version often, I can really feel how much cooler my lower body gets without the liner. I have cut liners out of pants in the past, without much success, but the Copper Moth pant is so light and breathable that it’s like air conditioning. Be forewarned that if it’s cool outside, you might want to think about wearing a long compression pant underneath.

The Copper Moth FlexAir jersey is not much different on paper, but I noticed two standout updates that I thought were improvements over the standard FlexAir jersey. The updated jersey felt like it had a shorter length arm when on the bike, which I liked. The standard FlexAir seems long and bunched up near my glove, but the updated jersey is a little more snug around the forearm and not as long, so it didn’t have any bunching. With that being said, the updated cuff is not as tight around the wrist and lets air flow in more than the standard FlexAir. Again, this jersey is super light and feels like you’re not wearing a jersey, so make sure you compensate for the correct weather on your ride.

Fox made changes in the right areas with an already-great FlexAir pant and jersey. Fox will also have two more 2017 Limited Edition colorways of the updated FlexAir designs coming soon. All of the 2018 FlexAir pants and jerseys will incorporate these same new features and updates. You will be paying more money, however, for this strictly performance-based Copper Moth setup, but in my opinion you definitely get what you pay for.

Style 18/20
Comfort 9/10
Function 48/50
Wash/Care 8/10
Price 6/10