Fox Racing Instinct Off-Road Boot Review

Dominic Cimino takes the new off-road specific boot from Fox Racing for a test ride.

Fox Racing

Instinct Off-Road BootsDominic Cimino

Fox Racing Instinct Off-Road Boots

The Fox Instinct Off-Road boot design is based on the motocross model, looking almost the same at first glance. But when peering closer, multiple features of this off-road boot stand out. The major off-road-specific feature to showcase is the sole. It has an aggressive look from both sides, and when turned upside down, it is clear to see the intentions of the Fox Racing designers. A large open-lug pattern highlights the key objective of providing durability and traction in the harshest conditions, and they almost resemble the sole found on a serious pair of outdoor hiking boots. Slated for mud, roots, wet rocks, and loose soil, the Instinct Off-Road provides a platform for riders who need to rely on traction when exposed to these elements. Fox also incorporated a Duratac rubber compound in the major "peg zone" and a burn guard, for added comfort and grip when on the bike. Fox also did not cut any corners in style; it offers an eye-catching navy blue and orange color combination. The designers did a great job of matching the Fox Legion off-road gearset, but these also look attractive enough to be worn with different gear without the worry of matching a pant or jersey.

When on your feet, the Instinct Off-Road boots are lightweight and offer ample room inside without crowding your foot. We did struggle with the buckles, as the latches are short and pointy, making them hard to lock into place without stabbing your hands. On the flip side, they are very easy to adjust, allowing you to get the boot set up quickly for your leg- and knee-protection combo. The materials used create a great balance in weight and allow you to move and walk freely. Once on the bike, the boots stay glued to the pegs due to the open pattern design utilizing Duratac rubber. The traction was almost too good, as we noticed moving your feet to different areas on the pegs required a little extra thought and effort.

Because of the thickness of the sole, we initially lost some feeling of the rear brake pedal and shifter, and it took extra time to get used to this loss in sensitivity. In the event you need to step off of your bike, these boots allow you to walk or hike in the elements with ease. The Instincts have stayed together for me and are built very well. I have had no failures yet, and the sole of the boot is now only beginning to wear after six months of heavy riding. Overall, I think that the Fox Instinct Off-Road boot is a great product for off-road riders. It encompasses multiple features that are tailored specifically for off-road riding, making this boot a great addition to Fox’s already strong line of motocross performance gear. Although the price tag is steep, they are in my regular rotation of boots I wear no matter what terrain I am riding. The recipe of ingredients that Fox used to make a durable, comfortable, and long-lasting product was able to withstand the barrage of harsh elements that I threw at it.

Rated 87
Style 18/20
Comfort 8/10
Function 48/50
Wash/care 7/10
Price 6/10 (888) 369-7223