Fox Racing 180 Boot Review

Testing the all-new 180 boot

The Fox Racing 180 is an all-new boot for 2018 and retails for $249.95.Andrew Oldar

Fox Racing is well known for its championship-winning motocross gear and is becoming more involved in the motocross boot market as well. For 2018, Fox released an all-new boot called the 180, which retails for $249.95 and named after the 180 motocross gear line. The 180 boot is built off the brand's flagship Instinct boot and features its exclusive ActiveLock closure system, a floating-cuff system in the heel, and two Instinct-style lower buckles.

The 180 boot features two Instinct-style buckles and an ActiveLock closure system, which uses a silicone strap and is the topmost closure mechanism on the boot.Andrew Oldar

The 180 boots are easy and quick to put on. Similar to the Instinct, the 180 features a non-bootie design, so all I had to do was slip my foot in, secure the two lower Instinct-style buckles, and attach the silicone strap of the ActiveLock closure system, which is the highest closure mechanism on the boot. The strap features four size settings, which are easy to adjust thanks to the pliability of the silicone material.

The inner side of the boot is very flat, which helps the rider grip the bike.Andrew Oldar

The first time I wore the 180 boot was at Fox’s 2018 Gear Launch at Zaca Station MX in Buellton, California. During my first ride, I noticed they were understandably a bit stiffer than the Instincts. After some break-in, the boots allowed for a little more flexibility, but not enough to give up some of the protective qualities that come with stiffness in a motocross boot, needed when coming up short or going long on a jump. These boots are still a little bit stiffer overall than the Instincts, but not so much as to negatively affect my ability to maneuver in them, and the toe area provides enough flexibility to shift easily as well.

The soles have held up well after lots of hours of motocross and off-road use.Andrew Oldar

Inside the boot, the 180 fits a bit snugger than the Instinct and is very comfortable. The snugger fit made it easier to shift and, when moving around in them, partially eliminated some of the slightly stiffer feel the boot has. Another thing I liked was how easy it was to grip the bike, namely the frame, due to how flat the inner side of the boot is. Durability-wise, I’ve been exclusively wearing the 180 boots while riding both motocross and off-road lately and am very pleased with how well they’ve held up, especially the sole.

Here’s a closer look at the adjustability of the ActiveLock closure system. The silicone strap has four size settings on the top and bottom.Andrew Oldar

The 180 boots are offered in sizes eight through 14 and come in five colorways including black (the ones we tested), white, red, blue, and black on black, which are similar to the ones we tested but the entire boot is black. Overall, I’m very pleased with the performance, durability, and look of the 180 boots and for a retail price of $249.95, they are an excellent choice for motocross and/or off-road riders looking for a boot that performs great at a very affordable price.