Fresh parts and gear that we saw this week

Fox Racing Instinct Off-Road Boot: $574.95

Fox Off-Road Boot
foxracing.comPhoto By Sean Klinger

What’s cool about the Instinct Off-Road Boot is that it isn’t just the moto version with the words “off” and “road” in front of it. When looking at the moto and off-road boots side by side you can see that the upper (from the ankle up) is the same, yet the whole foot area is different. The most obvious change is the lugged sole that is designed to give off-road riders better off-the-bike grip when pulling, pushing, bulldogging, or otherwise maneuvering a dirt bike whilst not on it. The other change is that there is a fully enclosed toe area. In the moto version there is plastic covering most of the top of the toe box, yet on the off-road version the whole front of the boot is covered. This should come in handy when a foot plant goes awry or that gap between boulders was just a touch narrower than you thought. We’ll have these on our feet soon and you’ll have a full report in no time.

ICD Oil Cooler for CRF250R/X and CRF450R/X: $249

ICD Oil Cooler
shop.icdproducts.comPhoto By Sean Klinger

When cruising through the pro pits at an outdoor national it is easy to see that the factory level motocross bikes are very different than the supercross bikes the racers where riding in the Spring. And, one of the main, and obvious, changes to outdoor bikes is the addition of an oil cooler. Engine oil doesn’t like heat and engines make less power when running hot. Therefore, the theory is, keep the oil cooler, keep the engine happier, and make more power.

What’s cool about this oil cooler from ICD is that it doesn’t require any hoses or you to figure out where to mount it. The cooler simply replaces the stock oil filter cover and the finned cooling area is right above the cases. Having it above the cases gives it fresh, clean air and it isn’t very exposed. We haven’t mounted it up yet but since the CRF250R is unchanged for 2017 it should fit that bike and we can see how well it works.

SPY MX Jersey Series Omen Goggle: $85

Spy Omen Goggle
spyoptic.comPhoto By Sean Klinger

The designers over at SPY seem to have fond memories of their days in high school since this new line of goggle colorways and designs are made to have a letterman jacket and old school football jersey feel. While we got our work done and got good grades, we were all about getting away from school to go riding (rather than going to pep rallies and stick-and-ball sport games). Yet we digress, these goggles do look pretty cool. And since retro is the new cool, they are definitely cool. Or is retro now old and we are into the nu-retro phase? We don’t know. We don’t worry about cool or not, we just make sure our gas tanks are full and we have a nice track or some primo trail to ride!

ARC Levers Coarse Memlon Levers: $69.99 clutch, $69.99 brake

ARC Coarse Memlon Levers
arclevers.comPhoto By Sean Klinger

We have thoroughly tested ARC’s Memlon levers and they have lived up to their “unbreakable” claim. They bend and bend and bend, but always go back to their original position. One thing that some riders really like about the levers is that they have a wide, flattish feel and aren’t too rounded. Lever feel is personal preference, but we’ve had more than a few riders prefer the Memlon levers for their shape more so than their un-breakability.

Now, ARC has Coarse Memlon levers with a raised diamond pattern that offers gnarly grip. One thing about the standard Memlon levers is that they are definitely smooth, yet in regular, dry riding conditions, there is no issue. Yet, when things get a little wet, or especially when they turn muddy, the levers would probably be pretty hard to hold on to. The coarse version should cut through the mud and wet without any problems, which is more than some rubber coated levers that are just as slippery as metal when wet.