FMF Factory 4.1 RCT Single w/ Carbon Cap and Ti MegaBomb Header – Product Of The Week

Full exhaust system for the 2016 Honda CRF250R

Header, muffler and side panel
The side panel is for the left side of the bike. Since this system eliminates that muffler, there is no reason for the stock side panel that bulges out.Photo By Sean Klinger

FMF Factory 4.1 RCT Single w/ Carbon Cap and Ti MegaBomb Header

$599.99 muffler w/ side panel included

$349.99 titanium header

This week we are talking about FMF’s single-sided exhaust system for the 2016 Honda CRF250R. Honda first introduced the dual-muffler system on its 2006 through 2009 CRF250R, then went back to the standard single-muffler system from 2010 to 2013, and doubled back up in 2014 and beyond.

According to Honda, the main reason for the first switch to two mufflers was for better handling and balance. In 2010, the CRF250R’s frame was changed and a single-sided exhaust better suited that change. Yet the switch back in 2014 was more for power/noise level reasons than balance. The reason we are getting into all this is some of you might be wondering why FMF would make a single-sided exhaust for a bike that was designed with a dual exhaust system. Since the current stock Honda set up is more about sound and engine tune, switching to a single doesn’t effect the balance of the bike.

Also, it is cool that FMF includes an UFO number plate to replace the left number plate. Since, with this system, there is no muffler underneath it, there is no reason for it to be bowed out like that. Plus, as anyone who owns a modern Honda and has put backgrounds on it would know, the drastic curvature of those number plates are wicked hard to get backgrounds on.

Since we’ve just received this system, it isn’t on our bike yet but we have had good results with last year’s CRF450R with the single sided system. One of the obvious benefits is saving weight – one muffler, although bigger, is still lighter than two. We’ll be slapping a few other parts on our ’16 Honda CRF250R so check back for a test of the completed bike here on our website and our Long Haul section of the magazine.

Titanium header
The MegaBomb header typically adds bottom to mid performance gains. Plus, since it is titanium, it saves weight as well.Photo By Sean Klinger
The titanium can and carbon cap are not only feathery compared to stock, but man do they look good.Photo By Sean Klinger