Flying Machine Stories - Sam Jones

Los Angeles-based photographer and director has a huge passion for riding dirt bikes

Flying Machine Factory was brought to life in 1973 from grease, metal, fire and the passion for riding. 45 Years later we reflect on stories of how we got to where we are today and the fans that have helped build this brand. Welcome to the Flying Machine Stories- An in-depth look into people or groups that we feel are staples in our sport or breathing new life into the fun that dirtbikes bring into our lives. Welcome to Flying Machine Stories Episode 005 Exposure To The Elements Featuring Sam Jones a Los Angeles-based photographer and director whose celebrity portraits have appeared on the covers of Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Esquire, GQ, Time, Entertainment Weekly and Men's Journal. An all-around renascence man Sam also has a huge passion for riding dirtbikes.

The life of Sam Jones is a pursuit of expression–capturing it, setting forth and feeling it. As a photographer and a filmmaker, Sam has touched all of us through the eyes of the most influential artists and athletes of our day. Riding motorcycles is another way Sam experiences the world from a unique perspective. For us riding is about the power of making personal connections. Welcoming Sam to our tribe was a thrill of a lifetime. Check, and take a ride with us. Join us as we take a look into Sam Jones others passions.

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