Works Connection Pro Launch Start Device - A View from Carson's World

One, if not the most, important part of any motorcycle race is the start. It rains all of the time up here in Seattle, so we end up racing indoors on Arenacross style tracks. The start is everything when you only have five laps to show what you’ve got! Big jumps - no problem, big whoops- got it, corner speed – good. Starts uhm… they needed work. After rounding the first turn mid pack more than a few times this winter, I went looking for help.

I found what I was looking for with the Works Connection Pro Launch Start Device. It works by holding the front end of the bike down to keep it from wheeling out of the gate. To set the Pro Launch Start Device, you push the forks down and flip the lever on and it holds the front of the bike down. As soon as you hit a bump it releases. It's amazing how much straighter you can launch out of the gate and wheeling is no longer a problem.

I have used Works Connection parts before and this stuff is high quality. Everything from the packaging, to the machining, to the anodizing screams awesomeness. They even supply you with easy to use instructions and a countersink drill bit to make installation easy.

The guys at Works Connection work with the factory teams and they test with the best riders in the world. These guys are motorcycle nuts like you and me! At $109.95, the Works Connection Pro Launch Start Device is cheap hole shot insurance. I will never race without one again. If starts are important to you, give the Works Connection Pro Launch Start Device a try. or call 1-800 349-1475.

Installation 19/20

Installation is easy, you just need a drill and a ruler. You will have to take the front wheel off and the right fork leg.

Function 49/50

This thing is magic on a dirt start. Normally you don’t want to use it with a cement start because it makes the back wheel spin.

Durability 10/10

Made in America by guys who live and breath MX. Top notch!

Design 10/10

There have been lots of holeshot devices before, but they had a button that was hard to push and set. The Works Connection Pro Launch Start Device uses a magnet and lever that makes it easy to set.

Price 10/10

$109.95 Cheap holeshot insurance.