Virus Shop Tour

Captions By Max Mandell • Photos By Chris Denison
Virus' StayCool design is made with recycled jade shavings. It is a natural substance that can reduce skin temperature anywhere from six to ten degrease Fahrenheit.

For the action sports world, athletes are always striving for newer and better things to get the upper advantage on their competition. Virus is taking the initiative here with their highly developed fabrics and materials. Their scientific approach brings three important elements to the athlete.

First off is their Cool Jade technology that actually has the ability to reduce the skins surface temperature anywhere from six to ten degrease Fahrenheit. Jade is a natural cooling element that has been used in jewelry for centuries without adversely affecting the skin. Nano technology allows the jade shavings to be woven into yarn—giving any Virus piece that features Cool Jade a cool-to-the-skin touch. We liked the refreshing feel when gearing up in the morning and receiving a mild chill.

Next Virus has their Coffee Char, which they designed just for cold weather use. By using recycled coffee beans, this technology insulates and traps heat. Similar to how the Cool Jade cools the skin, Coffee Char will raise the skins surface temperature up to ten degrease Fahrenheit. Providing a barrier from the cold and working with Virus' quick dry technology, maroon threaded performance wear can make those cold days just that much more bearable.

Virus' third technology here is Bioceramic, which is aimed at helping rejuvenate the body as well as fighting against fatigue when contact is made with the skin. The mineral compound found in Bioceramic is mined from deep pockets in the ocean off the coast of Japan. It works as an antioxidant, speeds up your metabolism and adds to the recovery of muscle and nerves. Other studies have also proven that it fights arthritis and helps relieve toxicities of the body.

Virus is helping athletes take down their competitors three elements at a time. We found this out when we stopped at their headquarters in Orange County for a quick tour/ schooling on their technical products.

Our buddy Sten at Virus poses with a shiny dummy who sports their Bioceramic Energy Series long sleeve. This stuff is high tech and is made up of an organic compound aimed at helping the recovery of muscles and nerves.
Everything a motocrosser wants... quick, dry and anti odor! This is actually some really technical stuff we have here—the Bioceramic technology was originally developed to rejuvenate the body and counteract fatigue upon contact with the skin. It is only found off the coast of Japan and is mined from deep pockets in the ocean. Virus claims that studies have proven its technology to fight arthritis, help muscle recovery and remove toxins in the human body.
Our chrome friend sporting the Men's Compression Short sleeve and the Men's Technical boot cut. The boot cut is great for riders who wear knee braces, so they don't have to wear thigh high socks that get way too hot.
_Virus' form series compression top features
High quality logo branding that you will see throughout the Virus brand.
Get a victory with Virus!
Keep the boys cool with Virus' patent pending cool jade material.
Virus doesn't just want you to stay cool, they want you to look cool!
Dr.G knows best!
In our eyes the Virus compression bottoms are leaps and bounds better then cotton underwear as a base layer. The material wicks moisture, which keeps the rider much cooler and prevents chafing.
Green showing off some new moves the mannequin taught him.