Video: Bikes On Bikes

The Pros Take Adventure Mountain Biking To The Next Level

Photos by Shan Moore, Video by Cole Kirkpatrick

No one's really sure who came up with the idea, but enduro racer Russell Bobbitt first strapped a mountain bike to the rear fender of a Suzuki DR200 and headed off into the mountains for an adventure seven years ago. It wasn’t long before fellow enduro racers Cole Kirkpatrick and Nick Fahringer got involved and the concept of “Bikes on Bikes” was born. Recently, the trio if pioneers—joined by Mike Lafferty, Chris Fillmore, and DR's own Shan Moore—escaped on KTMs into the Taos area for a few days of four-wheeled adventures (on two-wheels, of course). The theory is that an adventure bike can get you to some really extreme MTB riding areas that you can’t normally get to in a car, so carrying your mountain bike on the back of your dual sport makes all the sense in the world. Plus, if you’re going to go on an adventure, why not do it right?!

Check out this epic behind-the-scenes video that Kirkpatrick made from the ride, and be sure to catch the full feature in the March 2015 issue of Dirt Rider. But, be warned: It's going to make you want to buy a KTM and go do this!