VIDEO: 2014 Colorado 600

Epic Riding At The Trails Preservation Alliance Summit

Photos & Video By Chris Denison

Of all the events that Dirt Rider attends throughout the year, the annual Colorado 600 just may be our favorite. Set in one of the most amazing locations in the U.S., this invite-only event is a who's who of off-road recreation activists, supporters, and advocates. Put on by the Trails Preservation Alliance, the multi-day ride focuses on expanding awareness of issues that are currently facing off-roaders, while also celebrating some of the victories and successes that our sport has seen throughout the last year. Of course, there's plenty of awesome trail riding to go along with all the information!

For 2014, the value of the 600 was elevated by perfect dirt and an incredible group of riders, all of whom are the tip of the spear in terms of fighting for the future of our sport. This behind-the-scenes video shows some of the action that went on, capturing the camaraderie, spirit, and hugely fun nature of the event—the very things that responsible riders are working to protect. We recommend that you give this a look, and then go straight to to learn more about what you can do to help and how you can get invited on this one-of-a-kind group ride.