Tomac and Barcia Go 1-2 on the Podium at High Point National

Torrance, CA: This past Saturday, High Point Raceway hosted round four of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, sanctioned by AMA Pro Racing. Honda riders battled it out at the 36th annual FMF High Point National, with GEICO Honda grabbing their third overall win of the season in the 250 class. Team Honda Muscle Milk's Sayaka Kaneshiro rode her way to a third overall, and her career-best finish.

The Race

Team Honda Muscle Milk’s Justin Brayton rode his way to an 11th-place finish overall after going 11-11 in both motos. In race one, Brayton nailed down a good start and was running towards the front of the pack until falling back to finish 11th. In moto two, Brayton was forced to charge his way through the pack after getting a bad jump off the line, eventually grabbing 11th. Chaparral Honda’s Andrew Short put together a noteworthy ride for the second week in a row. After finishing fourth in moto one, and eighth in moto two, Short was able to take fourth overall for the day.

In the 250 class GEICO Honda riders Eli Tomac and Justin Barcia put in a commanding performance, taking the top-two overall spots on the podium. In moto one, Barcia grabbed a great start and rode his way to a solid win, followed by Tomac in second. In the final race Barcia launched to another strong start while Tomac was stuck towards the back coming off the line. Tomac really had his work cut out for him but was able to put together a hard charge, passing Barcia for second late in the moto, and then getting by Roczen for the lead on the last lap. Tomac would grab the overall with 2-1 finishes and Barcia would take second with 1-3 finishes. Teammate Wil Hahn also had an exceptional day, grabbing the holeshot in moto one and running in second the majority of the race before ultimately finishing fourth. In moto two, Hahn was forced to charge through the pack after going down in the first lap. He would finish in ninth for a sixth overall.

“The second moto was a lot of work but I dug deep and never gave up,” said Tomac. “When I saw him (Roczen) on the last lap I couldn’t believe that I actually had a chance to take the win. I found a great passing line in the third turn of the track and it worked well throughout the day, which is where I was able to take over the lead. I am really happy to be back on the podium and that much closer in points.”

“The first moto was good for me,” said Barcia. “I got a good start and felt really strong throughout the whole race. In moto two, I got another pretty good start but wasn’t as comfortable with the track; I was able to hold onto third place, giving me second overall. I am happy to be on the podium again and that much closer to the red plate, but I always want to win.”

In the Women’s Motocross Championship, It was an exciting day for Team Honda Muscle Milk’s Sayaka Kaneshiro, who grabbed her first-ever overall podium finish. After finishing fifth in moto one, Kaneshiro came back strong in moto two, seizing a good start and ultimately finishing second for third overall. Troy Lee Designs/Lucas Oil/Honda’s Tarah Gieger had an exceptional first race, taking the win but unfortunately going down in moto two to finish fifth, allowing her to take second overall. Ashley Fiolek was forced to the sidelines due to a concussion sustained the weekend before at Thunder Valley.

The Focus: Twin Air

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450 Class Overall Results

1. Ryan Dungey 1-1

2. Mike Alessi 2-2

3. Jake Weimer 3-3

4. Andrew Short (Honda) 4-8

5. Davi Millsaps 9-4

6. Brett Metcalfe 7-5

7. Broc Tickle 6-9

8. Ryan Sipes 12-6

9. Nico Izzi 8-10

10. Michael Byrne 13-7

450 Class Championship Points (after 4 of 12 rounds)

1. Ryan Dungey 186

2. Mike Alessi 144

3. Jake Weimer 141

4. Andrew Short 128

5. James Stewart 116

6. Brett Metcalfe 114

7. Nico Izzi 95

8. Broc Tickle 90

9. Josh Grant 84

10. Kyle Chisholm 66

250 Class Overall Results

1. Eli Tomac (Honda) 2-1

2. Justin Barcia (Honda) 1-3

3. Ken Roczen 5-2

4. Blake Baggett 3-5

5. Marvin Musquin 6-4

6. Wil Hahn (Honda) 4-9

7. Ivan Tedesco 7-10

8. Jason Anderson 13-6

9. Kyle Cunningham 14-7

10. Jessy Nelson (Honda) 10-11

250 Class Championship Points (after 4 of 12 rounds)

1. Blake Baggett 175

2. Justin Barcia 168

3. Eli Tomac 164

4. Ken Roczen 158

5. Marvin Musquin 117

6. Wil Hahn 101

7. Blake Wharton 87

8. Ivan Tedesco 86

9. Kyle Cunningham 86

10. Jason Anderson 77

WMA Overall Results

1. Jessica Patterson 2-1

2. Tarah Gieger (Honda) 1-5

3. Sayaka Kaneshiro (Honda) 5-2

4. Mariana Balbi 4-3

5. Kasie Creson 3-6

6. Jacqueline Strong 7-4

7. Marissa Markelon 6-7

8. Sara Pettersson 9-8

9. Amanda Brown 8-11

10. Sade Allender 11-9

WMA Championship Points (after round 4 of 8)

1. Jessica Patterson 188

2. Tarah Gieger 155

3. Sayaka Kaneshiro 137

4. Mariana Balbi 126

5. Ashley Fiolek 125

6. Jacqueline Strong 114

7. Kasie Creson 110

8. Sara Pettersson 101

9. Meghan Rutledge 78

10. Sade Allender 74


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