Throttle Jockey Is Celebrating 20 Years!

Throttle Jockey is celebrating two decades as a graphic kit brand! Indiana brothers, Robert and Matt Davis, took their childhood love for racing motocross and mixed it together with the family screen printing business to come up with the company known as Throttle Jockey.

"Some high school friends of ours lived in and around this neighborhood on the west side of Kokomo and terrorized the dog walkers on their 2-strokes. They were known by the elderly as the throttle jockeys. We started adding silly T.J. designs to our Graphics Lab sticker jobs, kind of like a badge for our little secret society. People at the tracks wanted it and it grew. We were making t-shirts, hats, stickers and numbers around 1990. At this time, Paul Tracy, had unofficially been inducted into Team Throttle Jockey and mentioned this to his go-kart motor builder, Mitch Payton. In late '91 Mitch had called us about making the Peak/Pro Circuit/ Honda graphics for the 1992 season. It was official. Throttle Jockey was legit!"

The rest is history as they say. Over the next several years T.J would go on to make some of the most recognized graphics in history. Peak, Splitfire/Hot Wheels, Tuf Racing, Noleen, DGY and Boyesen Yamaha support teams with young riders like Swink, Tichner, Ferry, L. Ward, Dowd, Button, and Henry to name just a few. By 1995 T.J. was approached by their first factory team, American Honda. Today T.J. Has been the official graphic kit, background and seat cover sponsor for Factory Honda since 1998, making the historic Woody Woodpecker graphic line and the one off Jurassic Park and Mummy Returns designs. They have been honored working with the sports greatest riders such as Stanton, Kehoe, Carmichael, Pichon, Fonseca, Ramsey, Carmichael, Lusk, Voss, Lamson, Henry, McGrath, L. Ward, Ferry, etc., etc.

To celebrate its' 20 year history T.J. will be at the Red Bud National with a mini museum of it's past and present work. They will be giving out banners, stickers, hats, t-shirts and discount coupons to thank its' customers for the past 20 years. Plus, the Muscle Milk Honda riders will be sporting a U.S.A. inspired graphic just for this July 4th celebration weekend race. For more products, info and history check out or